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Massive Norway and Icelandic adventures Trip update

Howdy! Found some time to update on a couple trip write-ups of my European trips. This included uploading accompanying trip photos together with write-ups on my adventures in the area. Check out my Norway and Icelandic adventures!

Travels I am making a note here will be that of my Norway wilderness adventures as well as my Icelandic trip done in 2012. Beside the natural beauty of the location, I was fortunate to travel on a period of solar flare activity, allowing me to see the northern lights at both Norway and Iceland.

Check out the links to the articles below!

Norway Adventures

In my Norway wilderness adventures, I went on midnight hunts for the Northern lights in the northern-most Norwegian city of Tromso.

I did sledding in the Norwegian jungles with Huskies on sled, as well as cross country Snowmobiling into an unexpected white-out blizzard.

Icelandic Adventures

Iceland is a country beaming with natural beauty, home to one of the few best waterfalls and geothermal features typical to that of a volcanic active region.

Check out the buzz and happenings in the city of Reykjavík to various natural geothermal features such the hot springs, geysers and geothermal power plants.

Iceland is also a country largely threatened by the effects of global warming, so my journey also teaches the importance of environmental responsibility.

Reykjavik City:

Icelandic golden circle:


Extra activities:


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