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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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WP1.2, Start of work.. again

Upgraded to wordpress 1.2, didn't really know bout the new version, thanks to Lest who I met online just now. And mm its sunday & the long block leave is coming to an end now, & its time to book into camp tonight... again.. *dang!* And mmm wonder how is the Singapore idol auditions going on now?...

Quick monday

Woke up to another lazy morning, dang bout 10am to be exact, didn't have much time to prepare anything myself. But kinda found time to get the site up & running smoothly again. hehheh & finally, the FTP's up & working again (yippee more uploads!) What kinda impressive are my host's (as in the guys who were paid to store...

Revised art gallery up

The site was down yesterday, (damn host) which kinda delayed the upload of the new art gallery. Anyway, its all up now with full glory, check it out!

So what went wrong

Well, actually wanted to post this before booking in for camp last night, oh but what the heck. 🙂 First off I would like the highlight the terrible gallery crash which happened last weekend, it kinda corrupted all the .htaccess files in the site, therefore creating lots of complications beyond repair, a new reload and setup is the only way...

Site problems

Please note that the site is undergoing some major debugging session, please note that certain sections such as the gallery may not be accessible, so please bear with it for a while 🙂


Strangely enough, I am feeling very sleepy now, almost nodding off a few times lately and its only 12midnight. My sister is off for some long partying trip with her classmates, partly because both my parents are away on a relaxation trip, so literally the whole house was mine today. Spent most of my time today coding and ironing...

Version 11 up

Yea man, and they say time spent won't go to waste. And its finally up and running V11. yea!... Anywaya, most of the site is unavailable as its in its base form. Moreover, the site wil be undergoing de-bugging sessions for this week till I throw any new stuffs up. In the mean time enjoy! 😉

Fraking Hackers

yea, as you know the site was attacked early this week, managed to get it up asap. damn you hackers, what can you gain from doing this shit?


Well, after some longg.. long time away from blogging cos of some dumb harddisk crash at HTGK, which kinda nuked the whole site including the hosted sites (dammit and they ARE using phpnuke) did brought up some questions regarding the need of a dedicated host.... Anyway, I am back! First of all with the new domain shaunchng.com, a fresh new...

Hey all, I am back!

Hey ya dudes! welcome to the new up and coming shaunchng.com, homepage of Shaun aka DeMoBLiTzer.

Site add-ons

As you can see, there are a few minor site improvements and add-ons, namley the rss 1.0 feed. Other than that nothing much though... Currently Listening: Moby - Star Wars Rmx - Oracle (5:17)

Gallery up

Ok, the gallery is up and running. Though its missing the new sections and still need somemore formatting. Hey what are soft openings for! Check it out at the photo gallery links on the navigation bar! Currently Listening: Disney The Jungle Book -The Bare Necesities

Gallery completion

The new art and photo gallery is roughly 60% complete, with mostly lots of photo uploading and captioning to do, should be done by next midweek or so. Also to all my NS friends, I will also be posting up a new anticipated photo album called "NS" very soon, so stay tuned for that! Oh yea and lookee left, yea...

New photo gallery

I have Gallery v1.4 up and running on the apache server, it would be no time before I transfer all the photos from the old gallery to the new one. The new gallery spots mainly stuff for lazy people like me. Just upload and the rest are done giffy by the scripts. Had-ing done with previously on the painstalking...

New news page look

Oh well, some minor upgrades to the site, and I say, it looks great! *big grinz*... Pizza will be arriving for dinner at 6.30pm.. yummy! Ordered the Hawaiian supreme, yet to taste its power. *drools* Currently Listening: Dead Or Alive- You Spin Me Around (ultimix)


Updated site to suit 1152x864 res better. Also updated my wallpaper and nothing else. :pWould be dropping down to simlim to get a twinmos MMC card @ $79 for my phone, as I couldn't find it at the PCshow2003 yesterday. Chaos Currently Listening: Nothing!

Site Up

Yup, got some time this morning to clear out the bugs in some codes here and there and wollia! the site is up and running once again!Currently Listening: Matchbox Twenty- Unwell

Major site bug with netscape browsers

The screen autosize feature don't seem to work on netscape browsers, but only on internet explorer, making the site totally inaccessible. Will be fixing and working on it tomorrow asap. In the meantime, netscape users, please bear with me... 🙂 cheers Update: Problem fixed!

Borging Video!

Started browsing through intervideo's winproducer "getting started" file and I say, I will be trying my hands finally at DV editing quite soon. ( And a possible revival of the video section ) Kinda fed up with canopus's EZDV video software, esp kinda messed up their capture tool, which left many hours wasted just trying to capture video from...

Shout People!

Lookie left! O_o a shoutbox! yea that a new edtion to the site, feel free to SHOUT anytime you want on the site, you can start a 'live chat' right here!Also, fixed: resolution resize problems, the page stretches to fit all resolutions now. Also please take note that the site is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution minimum

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