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Am still about kicking! Site upgrade planned soon

You will notice the site note being updated in month. It’s mainly as I was totally busy with work, hobbies, traveling and stuff. This produced a huge back lot of things I have planned for the site, yet had not found time to update given the busy exam schedule now. It’s just the case here in Cambridge, the terms are short, but the holidays are really spent just doing more work and catch-up. x-x

This term will be my last term as an undergraduate, as well as a student in a long time I guess. With the exams next. Also, you may notice that the photo gallery is down in some areas on the site, but had been fixed, it’s due to the deactivation and upgrading of few old-plugins I have written for site for an impending new over haul of the old and largely slow current gallery (it had grown exponentially over the years with my travels).

Also, I am no longer taking in any commissions or external projects until further notice, given external commitments. Sorry if I am not able to reply to your project request and quotes, though I can refer you if you wish to have a freelance project done.

Moreover, the site’s photo gallery is going to be re-written and updated too as the old gallery is largely in compatible with the PHP 6 I have running on the server. This site currently now runs on Centos 6 which is Hyper visualized on Windows 2008 R2 as an experiment running for almost a year in addition to Xen, I am actually glad that the performance is somewhat comparable, but that’s a topic for another day.

So till I am back in Singapore around August to start work after graduation, so be expectant of the following (and largely) updates an still in the midst or compiling will will most probably go into the archives for keepsake. Looking at my blog post draft backlog, I still have 21 different unfinished posts to publish, there is a snippet of what to expect with another major photo update.

  • Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Disney world Epcot
  • Gardens by the bay and conservatories
  • Universal studios Singapore (2012)
  • Boston 2012 visit
  • London Olympics 2012 (lawl I know)
  • Norway trip
  • Iceland trip
  • Northern lights

Also, I will be back for more running in Singapore again. so may the running and gear updates flow again. Till then, take care!



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