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New site design comin’ up

Just came back from my WITS leader course at Toh Payoh, HDB hub, its a 9am-5pm workshop held today & tomorrow teaching mainly on skills & knowledge about being a wits team leader. Very much looked forward too are the 2 tea breaks at 11am & 3pm, not to mention the 1 hour lunch break from 12pm-1pm where, maocheng & me had lunch at a nearby foodcourt, fat ben met & caught up with us (as he had some chores to do) at the entertainment center’s arcade for a few round of nameco’s time crisis III. Brought a new PC game, Robot Wars Arena of destruction at a bargain of $25 at popular bookstore before heading to the Hub’s taxi stand where my dad was waiting. As usual, dad just wants me to drive. The traffic was ok, considering it around the end of work peak period timing. Was not used to driving with my Nike ACG trekking trainers as I couldn’t feel those pedals at all, settled that & drove back with feet on pedals in the end. Vertical parked at my home carpark for the first time since I got my license, parking was a little off center but otherwise still in the lot. Back home, dinner was great had been once in a while since dad prepared some very nice dinner, had steamed fish with salted vege & ginger together with celery, rice, sunday setup egg & mixed fishball, lettlute & beancurd soup, very healthy yet tasty, very yummy.

Would be working on a new site deign (v12) over the next week week block leave, we should be able to see it up around mid week or so. 😉

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