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Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention STGCC 2017 Toys Artist alley and Star wars

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) had seen itself an event uniquely Singapore with a long 10 year convention history. To mark the 10th year coming and anniversary of the convention, this year’s STGCC simply blows away everybody in term of the scale and the number of quality exhibits over the two day show.

Basement Entrance
Bag checks
Ticketing counters

The convention this year occupies the entire Level basement 2 of Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center filled fully to the brim with 9 separate themed sections aimed at the various fan bases of the toy, games and the comic genre.

Moreover, this year is also the first year where the event had increased public security measures in place. This includes physical bag checks, which were very well coordinated with ease. There were several auxiliary police officers stationed at high-traffic points too to aid with the security checks and coverage as required by the new Singapore Public Order Act. Thankfully, there was hardly any hold up during my visit early Saturday afternoon.

Entrance alley
Entrance arch
Action City Hot toys

Entry to the event space starts at the far end of the Sands Expo, with you circling through back lane halls with extra queuing areas catered for an expected crowd. Not that these spare halls were used during my visit, but it is commendable that the organizers had the idea of thinking through crowd management in mind.

Toys Toys Toys!


Going on the tried and tested sections which defines every STGCC, we see the return of anchor tenants such as Action City and XM studios, whose booths greets you right at the main entrance arch. Commendably, the number of exhibitors and tenants has almost doubled this year. We have about 400 exhibitors here, up from the sub 200-plus from last year. Additionally, XM Studios have their display alleys lined with their complete range of high end and extremely detailed figures, each individually place on its own stand like a work of fine art.

XM Studios
Got Ironman?
Hot toys

Action City has their line-up of high-end collectables by Chinese maker Hot Toys. These limited figures are all available for purchase at the show via order, while stocks last. Moreover, Beast Kingdom too had their full line up of Taiwanese collectable toys featuring characters across the Marvel, Harry potter and Warner brothers movie series.

Beast Kingdom
Tokidoki booth
World Snacks collection

Tokidoki is back this year bigger and better too. They have a dedicated booth cheerfully themed and hawking their usual line of pop-culture items in the Pop-Fun section of the convention.

The pop-fun section too is dominated by the World Snack booth, offering several rare East Asian food goodies otherwise not regularly found in Singapore. STGCC this year is also one of the few times where you can find really good bargain toy buys, with sale items going below usual retail prices. This is unlike previous STGCC saw almost all major booth retailing items at over-priced cut-throat prices.

Simply Toys
Falcons hangar
Daruma Figures

Notably, major toy retailer, Simply Toys was also there offering a sale of their popular Funko vinyl figures from $13 each, a good $7 off their usual in-store retail price. Additionally, there are stores at the Colosseum selling clearance collectable Nintendo Amiibo figures for $5 (Usual $25) each. It is worth checking them out while stocks last!

Bargain Amiibo figures
The Artist Alley
Independent booths

Artist Alley

STGCC Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is full this year and buzzling with activity and crowds. This is in stark contrast to the number sad empty booths seen last year, which is heartening. Moreover, it is also very nice to see the alley full of independent toy makers and artists. Stalls here hawk their various creative wares which is always a great welcome to the creative scene here.

Wares on sale
Pop up cards
Custom Singapore themed Lego

Wares of the trade here include original artwork (commissions), prints, novelty cards, buttons to custom designed figurines, Lego or specially imported toys (Such as Tomica) and merchandise catering for a niche group here.

In the creative scene, STGCC this year saw a number of power couple comic book artists as guests. Personalities includes Arthur Adams (who brought us Longshot, Fantastic Four, Ultimate X) and Joyce Chin (Supergirl, Hulk, Spiderman). Also present is Emmy award winning Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers, Savage Wolverine, Skybourne) and the epochal Simone Legno (tokidoki).

Limited Tomica sets
Caricature booth
Doddle wall

The caricature booths are back too, allowing you to be part of the cartoon fix. Furthermore, new and interesting merchants this year includes Chapter 1 Tees (a Bangkok T-shirt design house) and US-based Tee-Turtle. Also for the first time, there is a doddle wall opened, allowing all attendees to leave their mark at the event.

Star wars and Saber Madness

STGCC Star wars Millennium Falcon

If you are a Star Wars fan, STGCC have you pretty well covered with the new The Star Wars: Experience the Force Zone. It is a dedicated section exclusively housing everything Star wars in the convention, comprising of special props, activity areas and stalls.

Star Wars Zone entrance
In the Star Wars Zone
Got Saber?

Like a trader’s outpost, you find stores here hawking an extensive collection of Star wars-related merchandise. This ranges from Lego to Plastic kit models, bags and even lightsaber chopsticks (yep!). Moreover, there are some really detailed Lego models on display. Notably, some here depict movie scenes. They are recreated using toys as well as actual 1-1 scale static movie mock-ups which are highlights of this section.

Lego attack of the clones
Death Star Rush
Bandai Star wars Models

Movie mock-ups includes a portion of the Millennium Falcon interior serving as excellent experience of being on-set. Moreover, there is also Rey’s speeder, which you can have a photo opportunity like being on the planet Jakku itself.

Rey’s Speeder
Meet BB-8 VR Zone
Many of Sabers on sale

Interestingly, there are VR- try out featuring HTC Vives to meet the adorable BB-8 astro-mech droid. Lightsabers literally run the show here in this section too. There is an extensive regular showcase of the Jedi teachings and moves through regular Saber battles put up by our local Jedi communities.

Lightsaber Galore!
Lightsaber fights
More Jedi battles

So, whether if you’re an avid Jedi knight at heart, die-hard collector, gaming enthusiast or just keeping up with the Star wars culture scene, this section won’t disappoint. To cater for the Lightsaber fest, there were over 3 separate retailers hawking lightsabers of the trade, so no excuses if you do not have one!

Next up, performances, gaming and cosplayers in part two of my writeup of STGCC 2017.


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