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SCDF demo

The SCDF (SG civil defense force) dropped by camp yesterday morning, which was too the camp’s annual safety day. In the morning there was a mock up fire with the fire fighters arriving in a Dennis fire engine and a light strike fire buggy at the scene of the “fire”, setting up hoses to a nearby hydrant while concurrently having another team racing up to the top floor of the “firey” block to fight the fire and save the “casualties”, carrying them all down for burns treatment & CRP by the ST john’s ambulance brigade. I can say that everything was rather eyebrow-rasing. There was a demo of proper fire extinguishing techniques using an extinguisher (and I can remember the last time when I’ve got to race into a fire with one during an outfield forest fire, man was a that dangerous job…) . Furthermore there was a chemical decon demo and water hosing demo where various high pressure hose guns were brought out for all to see and try, not to mention the turret mounted high pressure water cannon on the fire engines (similarly seen on those airport 6x6x6 air craft disaster response team) which can send water spewing 20-50m into the air on various spray modes.

A lunch reception was on thereafter, after CO thanked the team from jurong fire station and the ST john ambulance for the spectaucler show & demo, issuing them with tokens of appreciation & glass trophies for thanks. After that, well its book out time, yea baby…

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