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Safe’s super savers

There I was at the safe superstore warehouse at Sims drive doing what most singaporeans are born for- queuing. Whats more? is a branded 21″ TV going for $99 or a 14″ going for $69 too much too resist? Anyway I was not in for any of those (and thats good), but pretty much for a portable DVD player going at $360. The ad on the newspaper did cover up alot of things, not revealing the makes and brands of the products they are having at the sale, but the price, so why not drop by this morning to take alook? But the moment I saw it: SONY D-VM1 with a 3.5″ portable LCD screen- $360 (previously $1599) arghh! GOTTA get it…

By the time I reached there the queue numbers were all taken, so dumbly but reassuringly I waited at the entrance of the sale area- in the public queue, surrounded by aunties and old women who only care about talking on buying $17 phones and $15 water kettles and mircowave ovens and old men who are only engrossed into changing a computer printer every 2 months or so. Luckily for me, there are no techie junkies like me around, or it would all gone by then. 😉

And so there I was talking and chattin to the security guard and staff hoping to buy some loyalty into them to hide/keep the very last unit left in the sales area (which I COULD NOT enter! arghh!) but I failled anyway, not a very sweet talker towards some old gumpy security guard, anyway through the conversation I managed to leech a portion of detest they mentioned about this sale- namely that all safe superstore staff are unable to qualify for the sale… so thats quite a pity though… (but ah-hahaa thats good too 😈 ).

All in hand, with a view of the product and buying area from the outside queue, it was rather an intense moment, esp everytime when some peep or early potential buyer in the sales area come walking along to check out the goods- a rather toe quencing, teeth grinding experience all I can run in my mind being stuck in the queue is just “DON’T BUY IT! JUST DON’T BUY IT! PUT IT DOWN ARGHH!”
I think I almost fainted after the 6 buyer went browsing on that last DVD player. 😯

All in hand the queue was finally opened after the last guy with a number tag left the buying area (dumb system) then it CHOING (with me in front of course) grabbing the last unit. The unit do costs $360 but why a big price cut from $1599? the player is new all parts intact looks feels (the best test- smells) new too, so whats wrong? everything is all packed in the original sony packaging nothing opened or tampered, pure japan made unit and parts, the only complaint was a very ulgy and dirty outer box. It is comfirmed by the sales assistant that the unit is new, fresh out from the store. So I guess that these are the stocks which did not sell due to it’s bad exterior condition, therefore qualifying for the mega sale. heheh anyway, its mine, ALL MINE! *looking around in defensive posture*

Dropped by simlim thru the mrt where I got a MSI bluetooth adaptor to sync with my phone, been on the bluetooth ride lately :mrgreen:. And oh yea, did I say I was paranoid of the claimed sales price of the portable DVD player I’ve got? just say I almost fainted after seeing a $1599 price tag on the very same model in one of the Simlim square electronic stores. Wow a very good $360 buy I say … for the month? 😈

dang there goes my pay… mmm payday in 5 days time.

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