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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Whoa, what a day (long post ahead!)

Friday & sat in glorious truetype text... long but otherwise, quite a good read. :mrgreen: Friday Last night was life firing day, it very much needed us to go through bashing through muddy treks & crossing...

what a PASS?

Mum & dad had been going for lots of health related course & talks at various hospitals/schools lately & man is the place filled with tons of leaflets & articles regarding all things from...

Short weekend

Recieved a comfirmation e-mail from the software boutique @ funan on my half-life 2 preorder. There would be life firing tomorrow, so its a sunday burnt. Stayed-in on friday night, a very rare choice...

Start of October

Booking out on friday would be a first & too, a very much welcomed thing for the company. Considering the implementation of the 5 day work work week by our prime minister. Its october...


Before the day started, woke up at 6.15am halfdead, ate breakfast.. do normal morning stuffs.. blah blah, next thing there I was walking up to chonggen's house after dad dropped me off for work....

Monday blues?

As the day passes with each going step, my driving test on the 8th next month draws closer too. Mmm, exciting... but I should be able to pass on this 3rd attempt. The 26th...

It’s Sun-turday.

Mmm, its saturday, but it feels like sunday, partly because of the deja-vu of booking in tonight. Yes tomorrow is a work day for me. :cry: I can say that its also a very...

Mingle with the stars.

And so it was the visit to the first opening day of the Army Open House 2004, held at SAFTI MI, Singapore. Its started with an innocent visit to the MI to check out the...

Not too bad after all

Here I am at home enjoying whats left of my weekend. Initially, tomorrow is supposed to be an off in-lieu in compensation of the burning of the upcoming weekend due to the army open house...

Advanced Trainfire Package ATP Marksman

Had my ATP-M (Advanced trainfire package ATP maneuver) test yesterday, very much like the run-down type range test I've last month, only that instead of using the 5.56mm Carbine I fired with previously, today's...

Back from earth.. to mars?

Had some fun here & there with my new powershot digi-cam & hey! *SHOOTS* a new moblog pic too.. well, I guess its time I updated it too... Today is very much a day...

Contacts… eww

*pokes eyes with fingers* neato. Booked out of camp around 7pm for nights off, got my dad to fetch me to tiong baru to collect my contact lenses ready today. As it was my...

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Shashlik Restaurant Russian Western

Shashlik Restaurant is one serving Russian cuisine. It is inconspicuously tucked on the upper 6th floor of Far East shopping center. It is not...

Simple Burgers

Jurassic World Cafe Ion Sky

Ang Mo Kio Loh Mee Laksa

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