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It’s Sun-turday.

Mmm, its saturday, but it feels like sunday, partly because of the deja-vu of booking in tonight. Yes tomorrow is a work day for me. 😥 I can say that its also a very short weekend for me too, booked out of camp around 8.30am today & hello camp in less than 2 hours from now…

On a brighter side, let recap some of the happenings for the week. It started off with a nights off on tuesday for John & me when we recce-ed the AHM water point at east coast that afternoon. Our WSM, (aka angchek) allowed us to carry on & make our way home from there in the evening thereafter. The 2nd consecutive nights off is an official one on the following wednesday given by OC. However, the need to for me to go to the safti MI straight the next (thurs) morning granted me the green light to stay out by angchek, who was really a very understanding & nice guy, I salute him. Thursday was a demanding day at Safti MI, but otherwise a very fun day too (see previous blog post for more details). Work ended at about 8.30pm on that thursday where I made my way home with Zhuang to Boonlay, taking MRT & reaching home at around 9.15pm. Rushed to upload some photos & type some captions, readied my items & gear to book into camp thereafter at around 11.00pm where I met a rather cheerful OC who I told of the events of the day, esp the one with the encounter with chief of army. Very entertaining, I say.

Moreover, I forgot to mention previously that I’ve contributed 12 pull ups during my last official visit to the Safti MI army open house 2004 in count for the Guinness World Record for most number of pull ups done in a single event.

My family would be dropping by Safti MI tomorrow for army open house, the event which I had been so painstalking preparing for the last few months, too bad as an official for the event, I won’t be able to join them- something my mum told me would be very much better if I could follow. However, I have nothing much to worry, they will have lots of fun there, as part of the committee, I can guarantee it. 😀

There will be a long holiday break coming up next week in compensation of the working days spent for the event. Would most probably book out on next wednesday night & break lasting till the upcoming sunday thereafter. Furthermore I would clear an off owned to me on that following monday, the 13th of september to celebrate my mum’s birthday. 😳

And finally, you can check out the final uploaded albums of both the Army Open House 2004 photos in the site’s National service photo gallery.

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