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Umm an update?

Ok its recap time again… life at camp is starting to get rather interesting these days.. or can I say, am I making it more interesting. Here are some “gisses” for the week:

  • Finished the Anime TV series Hellsing within one day.
  • Allowed my troopers to blanket those birthday boys this week (it can get rather cakely messy at times, otherwise much needed entertainment)
  • Army open house is up in july (I think)…. wee up on designing a shirt for the event, If I win 30000 people would be wearing it on that day, whoa!a :mrgreen:
  • Some captain called around early this week, telling me that 2 of my platoon mates & me are selected to join the national army water polo competition team with a match due in july…. ❗

Waterpolo training would be on 1-3-5 (6,7 optional) so thats mon, wed, fri, the numbers representing the days and so. The consolation is only much of our coach being from the national girl’s polo team coach so having the girls around for training can be very much of a pleaser & welcome too, with the excpetion that they are so much more conditioned then us weak pokes, argghh! losing to them! 😮

There will be 2 driving lessons tomorrow at bbdc around noon. Wandering into stage 2 already, aim to complete all theory by end of the one week block leave, next week, then book the traffic police test by mid june. *drools* targetting to get my driving license by late june, or by july.

Ok then work time, things to be done for the week:

  • Complete all driving lessons, book test
  • Purchase the Hellsing guns
  • Buy birthday present for sis
  • Finish up incomplete artpieces to be scanned
  • Play more computer games
  • Clean up my room

Site related matters:

  • Do up & upload new art gallery & sections.
  • Minor site code fixes & upgrades.
  • Revive the damn guestbook

Oh a sidenote, I am quite cash strapped at the moment, partly because of the large debits these few months comprising largely from my driving fees which I have to personally fork. Feel free to support me by dropping a job or a tip, I did be glad!


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