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Didn’t get much sleep over the last few days, partly because of duty on Friday. On the contray I was glad it was weekday duty or it could be worst… Weekends away from camp are the ONLY time to enjoy life we so long desire in camp, so Saturday was pretty much spent at home with my family. To start the sunday, spent a few hours fragging people on XP cases servers before dropping by BayArea TFC servers for awhile, as I don’t really feel like working… Had this very typical “feverish feeling” throughout the day, maybe I didn’t get enough rest or so, resistance must have greatly deteriorated. But I more of less drank lots of water to keep the fever at bay. Looking back funny I didn’t feel sick yesterday- at the peak of my triedness. On top of the 10hours of sleep I’ve yesterday, I still woke up tried this morning & dammit its back to camp again tonight with me as a duty sgt for the day. Hope I can come out better tomorrow or I have to give tomorrow’s schedule & training a go with somemore rest.

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