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Sheena’s birthday cum father’s day cum my ORD dinner

Dinner at garden hotel

Haha yea, its a universal celebration. Its amazing how my parents can think of such ingenious ideas such as squeezing in all our celebration events into one, at the same time, (I think) having an excuse not to have so many dinner celebrations. The dinner was at our “lao di fang” (old place) as mum suggested, Garden hotel – a place where my mum once worked as a teenager. Its still around & she met some of her old friends, who are still amazingly still working there like for 2 over decades since mum left the place. Old times, old friends, new catching up.

As we expected mum kept bragging about the times she worked here on this ancient land, which department/area she worked, how the building was improved/ extended/ renovation/ reworked till its present state. Blah blah blah. The food there is not bad, with free flow of lobsters & white wine. If you are a person who loves lobster or can’t get enough of tempura, this place is for you. The buffet has an international spread, with a relatively large spread including a steamboat section, very value for money!

The funny thing is their “payment on seating policy” – strange for the waiter kindly approach you suddenly with the bill, then its like: “umm I didn’t call for the check sir…” as I thought. But its their restaurant policy, asking you to foot the bill once you’ve seated. Ummm as I thought: are you all still gonna provide service once we paid? & so as they did… Moreover, their desserts rock! & I simply love their cream puffs, not to mention the choco coated ones, yummy! even the self help ice-kacang & ice cream are good.

The only thing that needs improving is maybe the need to isolate the food to an area as food serving areas are actually like spaced out on a 50 square meter area, walking from area to area for different cusines. The Jap & local cusines are located near the lobby, while the western, seafood & desserts in the coffee house & BBQ food by the pool side. All over the place! But its good for digestion anyway.. walk walk. Its a good dinner for 3 events. Till then lets not give mum & dad another chance to hold such mega-all-in-wonder events again. Its just too convenient!

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