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In memory of Uncle Loke

Its a dark & gloomy night & when we least expected it, a phone call came around 9pm informing dad that Uncle Loke was warded in coma at Chanji hospital due to a fall at the chinese swimming club- where he was spending the sunday night. Dad rushed to the hospital immediately thereafter. Another call came from dad around 10pm telling us sadly that Uncle had passed away…

ūüė• I expected him to recover easily from the event, I mean how can such a small fall stop a strong person like him? As sad the situation can be, it was one of the most shocking too. He was a happy, cheerful & rather healthy person. Our last meeting last month painted me a picture of him still going on energetically & strong as a horse, with decades ahead of him despite being 80+. *sigh* it goes to show that in life, things not only can happen very quickly & suddenly, we must prepare & brace ourselves for such occurrences too. Life- Full of challenges, wonders, pitfalls, unpredictable…

Uncle loke’s was a rich man, leaving behind his wife, children. Not to mention his house, few cars & fortune to those who rightfully succeed him. His death too brings about several questions on my side.

First, even with modern medicine, he is always very cautious about his health & such, going for regular checkups & operations if necessary, not to mention being one who can easily obtain it. Will we lose confidence in, or is it the negligence of the healthcare industry to blame in missing out possible telltale leading to his death?

Second, even if we lead a healthy lifestyle full of eating moderation & exercise, will our lifespan be all very much determined by genes despite our efforts? Or its just a passage to live to a ripe old age & not die early due to bodily complications?

Life goes on…

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