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Just woken up

yea, just woken up, having a simple bread and tea breakfast (lunch?) and getting on with my much needed sunday rest… why? just say I was very busy with some dumb SAF division exercise for the last four days (and so it woud carry on till next week.

Besides getting to work like slave office workers in front of retarded pentium 4 and sun workstations running Nvidia quadro4s on 18″ hp/17″ Dell, IBM/15″ phillips LCD monitors, everything sux in terms of our working hours (up to 4am in the morning on friday). Moreover even with the regular basic coffee and tea breaks to keep us running, I’ve never been so dependant on coffee before its like a drug to keep me functioning properly, not to mention my workmates. So much for the experience, I jus think office work is not for me…

The obvious lack of free time in my hands would, sadly delay this site’s building by alot. So don’t expect V11 to come up so soon, I need to rest… 😥

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