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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Niffy stuffs

Been surfin around lately for some addons for my phone and I think getting used to messaging on my new phone can be quite a pain at first and I guess it do take some time to get used to it. One alternative is to keep on practising on type gun speed typing game to get acustomised to the side key strip arrangement or get a wireless bluetooth portable keypad/board to do the job, which too means money being spent again. Anyway, check this baby out. Also a gyroscopic mouse do seem nice, even if this is like “the” technology many years back, it still have much of a wow factor to it (Link).

After hardly a week’s usage on the phone and damn, my screen is kinda stratched on one part, not very noticable in the dark but very annoying in the light, esp being spatted right on the lower left quarter of the screen (and now I know not to put my phone and charger in the same bag compartment). Think the warranty should be able to cover that, part of damage during normal usage right?, as numbly stated in the warranty card. :mrgreen: But I guess that even if they were to replace the screen cover, it won’t be cheap either considering that it is actually part of the whole phone’s casing. Oh well, as the saying goes, “you won’t enjoy your new car till you put your first stratch on it.” 😎

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