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Singapore Buddhist welfare centre

😆 Here I am in front of the computer with a spoon starting on & a tub of half-finished Walls Very Berry Strawberry ice-cream, my favorite. Yes I am gonna to finish it, no one’s gonna take it away from ME! slopslop arghh!

So stuffs that passed: The sun is not at full force this weekend, but went for a short morning swim, bout 40mins before meeting up with my family for lunch at the Singapore Buddhist welfare building. Located around the River Valley area. & my is the place neat, first time I’ve ever stepped into an air conditioned temple with facilities such a general audit for talks & stuffs, (though everything is all in dialect with I couldn’t catch any balls bout either…) a free clinic & a free lunch area. Did I mention free lunch? yea all vegetarian too! The reason mum went there is to collect some item item or so for Aunt Julie. & man was the place crawling with old folks, very much like loyal followers & helpers around the temple. They all seem to be a very happy bunch, seen in large groups happily cooking, plucking veges, preparing food, paos, cakes or just reading a book or gathering for a good old chat. Quite a happening place, for the old & devoted that is! Even the general areas are very well maintained, an impressive holy place.

🙄 Dunno what mum & dad have in mind bout spending their retirement now….


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