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IT show 2005

Dropped by the IT show at suntec yesterday & man was it FREAKING crowded. 1st time the shopping area got so packed, there was a stationary human jam lasting 5-10mins at times around the Yes! Eyewear store area leading to the exhitbition & convention center.

Link upped with John at the sony booth there where we started inching our way around the exhitibtion. Everything is roughly 10%-20% lower than normal prices in SimLim. Lots of bargains & so, hard to keep away impulsive tempation. Brought myself a Sony Dual Layer DVD-Writer (DRU-720A) at $109, together with some DVD-R & RW media. As I guess I should end my wait for a DVD-Writer since 2001… when writers cost at least $800 or so. Almost committed myself to a Jabra BT800 bluetooth headset costing $199 (no price reduction, but with a free car charger & Panasonic house phone). However, when it came to paying, I’ve reached my card spending limit! opps! Though embrassing at the moment, but Mmmm saved $200 by the bank… Though I had cash in hand at that moment, come to think about, why do I need a bluetooth headset? Furthermore, it lack some functions such as voice dailing, though it had a caller ID screen.

A bluetooth headphone would be cooler…

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