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Am I crazy?

I hate to say this, but personally I find myself super addicted to exercise. Not to mention often missing the feeling of fatigue during my regimes… an adrenaline addiction? Maybe because of this, I see myself for the past 2 months running at least 9km (usually topping 12km) 3 times a week on monday, wednesday & friday evenings. Tuesdays & thursdays would be gym days on upper body mainly working on biceps, triceps, abs & chest. At the same time allowing my lower body to recover from the previous training day for the next. Sundays would be swim days, where I get around 1 hour of continous 50m lap swims.

I eat at least 4-5 meals a day in moderate amounts & TONS of fruits, like 2 oranges, 2 apples/pears a day. Not to mention my daily water consumption.. whoa! The feeling of getting even fitter is quite unreal, but quite satisfying at times. Not to mention the love of chasing, overtaking & lapping joggers at the park, I hope no one is easily offended of being slow in a way… Its just so fun zipping past them.. again & again! Moreover, I see myself getting more veiny all over, especially on the arms & legs. Its like am steriods or something… scary. Not bad,not bad… I hope to get my abs more profound by burning more belly fat in my runs.

All in hand, I guess I am glad to have the annual Amour Route Relay (ARR) to thank, which is around the corner on May 13th to kick start my training schedule. In which it has its own group training on mondays, wednesdays & fridays on top of my personal training schedule. This route relay involves a 1.5km sprint/run among teams of 15 runners, where of course the fastest 3 takes home the prize.

Quite shocking is the calculated distance I run every month. (12km) x (3 times a week) x (4weeks in a month) = 144km running distance covered in a month! Would so much training have an adverse effect on the body? especially the legs, such as wear & tear?

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