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Gaming Workstation MIA, exams sighted, training behind

My primary workstation is down again, actually since early last week due to some operating system corruption, but didn’t have the time to dismount the backup drives and put in another install of Windows XP yet, being neck deep in projects and papers. But at least I would be away from my current game – Need for Speed Most Wanted till the end of my exams *twitch* *twitch* which I had been playing almost everyday with one blacklist member cleared daily.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

🙂 I am currently 3 on the list now against Razor’s Ronnie. I still have alot of old games to complete, I had not installed and played NFS Carbon yet and before you know it, Prostreet will be out just around the corner in November. Still miss those old NFS yesteryears which started all these hype.

Things are starting to heat up now, which everybody geared on exams. I won’t really be out track training till then, but mostly training by myself now (which timings are more flexible). And concentrate on more marathon training which is completely relevant to track training now. 😛

Nevertheless, I will be back after the exams… But then there’s FYP too. 😯

Collected my a certificate of commendation from the MM office today, it’s one for being in the Director’s honour roll last semester and signed by Director MM himself. Funny that I didn’t receive any last year.


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