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Booked SP NAPFA test, Running in the Fireworks

Did quite alot of registrations today. Registered for my Standard Charted Marathon considering that closing date for the direct mailer would be ending in about 2 days time. Would be registering for the New Balance RealRun the coming weekday.

Prices for the realrun are the same for both 15km and 10km, while most kiasu runners will go for the 15km, the only difference being to run an additional stretch of tarmac and nothing else, furthermore all the runner entitlements are still the same. I will still run the 10km as of every year. Pity the Juniors 5km event is no longer available this year, so my juniors will have to run 10km minimum.

With that in hand, also registered for my NAPFA test through the SAS, didn’t know I have to clear it by early August, it slipped my mind and I actually wanted to do it after my exams.

Target for NAPFA (Gold standard)

Situps – 40
SBJ >225cm (C grade)
Sit & Reach >50cm
Pullup >10
Shuttle Run <10.4
2.4km <10.21

My weakest station is standing board jump, but have been doing practice jumps doing my long runs lately and able to pull at least 225cm each time. *grins* from there yes, SBJ is 70%-80% technique- you don’t need overly muscled calves or quads to jump far, it’s just a matter of perfecting the launch, stretch, tuck and land technique.

I will be revisiting Sit & Reach after like 5years? had been sometime since I did that, did some practice stretches and found out I can still go about 50cm. With that settled, things are looking good for a Gold (& a free crumpler pouch) this thursday’s NAPFA (which is also my QFPR module final exam date), furthermore, all I need is 11:39 max to get C grade for 2.4km which still means a GOLD, hehehe. Dang just hope it does not rain on the coming Thursday.

Did an evening run today at my usual tanglin route, only to be greeted not only by noisy chinooks and apaches in the evening, 3 groups of them each with their own big Singapore flag but also a nice ~15mins long fireworks showering the night sky during the ending of my run, nice.

Running Mileage for the week
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 18.18km (MWC8)- Saturday
Total Mileage for week: 18.18km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 594.82km


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