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Seoul Garden Class Lunch

Seoul Garden Class Lunch

Well usually I don’t blog about small little lunch events, but considering that this is the first time my class of DME FT/3A/10 is getting together for an official class outing, why not?

With the semester class outing subsidy per student set at $7.50 per person now, what more to chow but at Taka Seoul garden at an additional price of $5 per pax after student discount. The food is expectedly the same since I last visited and ate there, except with cheers going out to the black pepper beef. Otherwise, there’s nothing much new to report of the table barbecue joint. Our table tried a new style of cooking by mixing fried eggs together with our BBQ meats for an additional zesty taste and umm as we athletes will call it- a protein boast!

Dropped by Paradiz for the rest of the afternoon for class LAN gaming. Not so good in Counter-Strike as what I was in the competitive days back then, it is easy to get top frags for consecutive maps only to hover around 2nd/3rd on the leaderboard midway into games. Guess I’ve outgrown games now or maybe just retired for leisure and non-competitive gaming now. Or maybe CS is just too friendly for most players now, it’s hard to put in the tricks and tactics you’ve learnt since CS Beta 2 and clan gaming into mindless free-for-all LAN shop gaming now.


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