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Fat Boys Burgers

Fat Boys is a causal burger joint serving affordable burgers in a contemporary setting. Let’s check out what the Fat Boys burgers establishment has to offer.

Where for Burgers?

Fat Boys burgers has a number of branches all overs Singapore. One of their more popular and prominent branch being the one along Orchard road at MacDonald house. Additionally, they also have branches at upper Thompson road, Holland village and along Pasir Panjang.

Chill Dining ambience

Furthermore, the ambience at fat boys is an open bar concept. Also, the restaurant offers a mix of standard table and high table seating. Ambience is generally chill and it does not get too crowded past dinner time at night. Most of their restaurants feature air-conditioned seating with painted black walls decorated full of wall murals and paintings.

Ambience at lunch
We have burgers!

Moreover, despite the bar-like setting. You get waitered service and orders taken at the table instead of the bar. Prices on the menu are non-inclusive of GST or the additional 10% service charge.

Burgers of the Trade

The burger selections are simple. You can choose one of about 10 different mainstream burgers. A recommendation will be their Mega burgers such as the Wooly Burger. It is a lamb patty burger served with Bacon. Another good standard burger is their Wimpy Beef Burger cost ($15).

Burgers with loads of bacon
Burgers with loads of bacon.

If you are really hungry, their Fat Basterd burger is the biggest of the lot setting you back $19.80. It comprises of double decker patty burger, hence some burger disassembly required. Thankfully, you are served cutlery fork and knives with all burgers main courses. So no need to get your hands dirty here. Shroom Melt is a light burger with a similarly light price of $13.80. Though I find it not quite worth the money for the portions.

Fat Basterd burger is the biggest of the lot setting you back $19.80
Fat Basterd burger is the biggest of the lot setting you back $19.80.

Their burger selection is extensive and you can’t really find a bad burger. Moreover, their burger, burger patties are thick and juicy. Each burger is served with a serving of fires on a wooden platter. Furthermore, unlimited free flow of water is available from a self-help dispenser where the cups are located as well, a welcome.

Moreover, if there is a selection not to your fancy, you can also customize and build your own burger. You can go into specifics like fillings, patties and bread choices. On average, you do pay more for a customized burger. Hence, you can consider the ready-made burgers tad like a “burger set meal”.

Sides and other main courses

Topping up the menu choices includes side such as Cesar salad, Beer Battered Onion Rings (12 pcs) and spam fries for sharing costs about $9.

Fingers sides
Spam fries

Moreover and notably, other main courses includes Fish & Chips $14.50. It is a classic dish made the traditional way with homemade beer batter, sprinkled with malt vinegar. Healthier choices include grilled Salmon Fillet ($18.00). It is a fillet of pink salmon grilled. Like all mains, it is served with side salad and mashed potatoes.

Moreover, if pasta is what you desire, you can try some of their exotic local offerings such as their salted egg crab pasta $17.00. It is essentially Spaghetti cooked al-dente and fused with Fat boy’s own creamy salted egg sauce. It is deliciously topped with a piece of crispy soft shell crab.

Furthermore, the food portions are adequate, no too little making you feel it is a rip-off, but not too much that you feel horrible after a meal. Moreover, you can have a meal with a drink without feeling too hungry nor too full when you are done.

Milkshakes and set lunches

Furthermore, if alcoholic drinks are not quite up to your choosing, there is also a selection of milkshakes. They are freshly blended and served cold. Notably, unlike most places serving milkshakes, you are not given any excess blended milkshakes in a separate cup. On my visit, a meal with a burger set and milkshakes sets you back about $25 per head.
Furthermore, Beer is offered on bottles or tap. Also, you get Unlimited free flow of water is available from a self-help dispenser where the cups are located. It is a welcome.

Furthermore and notably, Fat boys opens for lunch times too. With some branches like their Pasir Panjang one offering set lunches to the daytime office crowds. You can get quite good value with the set lunches. Lunch sets will set you back about $12.50 with a drink on a selected selection of burgers. Furthermore, Lunch sets will set you back about $12.50 a meal. It comes with a drink together with one of the selected selection of main course burgers.

All in all, fat boys is one of the fresh new boys looking to inject live into Singapore’s burger business. I see that it won’t be long when we will start to see more such independent burger places starting to pop up with growing consumer preference. A nice burger joint to chill is always a welcome.


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