Picnic Urban Food park is a casual open concept dining establishment located in Wisma Atria at the heart of the Singapore Orchard district. Touted as an urban park, the place its core offers a market place style dining experience. They are known to offer this through a variety of dining options here via themed food stores, with the highlight being their Omakase burgers. Let’s check them out with a dinner dine-in.

Welcome to Picnic Urban Food park
Welcome to Picnic Urban Food park!

Great restaurant theming

Notably, the restaurant theming is an interesting draw here at Picnic and is one of the main draws of Picnic. Also, sitting at the center of the urban park is a Sakura like cherry blossom tree.

Picnic urban park central Sakura like cherry blossom tree is a pretty neat statement
The central Sakura like cherry blossom tree is a pretty neat statement.

It sits where the drinks and a humble scoop ice cream dessert store is with “pink petals blooming” throughout the year. The deco is tactfully done and provides tad of a Japanese flair. The rest of the dining areas are carpeted in lush fake grass giving it an outdoor feel. Tables are a mix of long and small tabled good for small to large groups. There is also a stage area in one of the dining sector as well as a bar on the far end of the restaurant.

The dining areas are sparse and pretty feel like a park
The dining areas are sparse and pretty feel like a park.

On entry, you are led to dedicated seating in the establishment which has an open concept, where you go about ordering your meal from each of the many stores located within the dining compound. However, given the Covid-19 situation, ordering is now done via contactless method, such as using dedicated QR codes. Your order when ready be prompted to you via a programmable digital buzzer tagged to your table for all your orders.

General dining areas
It’s like in park!
Got bar?

Try their Omakase burger

Furthermore, the Omakase burger is what you should be here at Picnic for. They offer a quite a hearty meal, though they are priced ore on the pricey-end, starting at $20 for one with a side of fries.

Omakase burgers are a highlight stall here at the Picnic urban food park
Omakase burgers are a highlight stall here at the Picnic park.

Picnic’s base Omakase Burger starts at $17.90 excluding GST. Bumping up to their Omakase burger with Applewood smoked bacon cost $20.90. It has an authentic American burnt-grilled flavour typical of flame grilled burgers.

Regular cheeseburger
Regular applewood burger
Sides of cheese fries

Also, Ultimate cheeseburger sets you back $23.00 and their impossible meatless burger variant costs more at $26.85 a burger. Moreover, the burgers do make it up for quality. Their beef patties are juicy, but not overly drippy with sauce. As a meal, it does fill you up well with the paired fries. There is however, no drinks included. Drinks wise, you could consider Bubble tea ($5). Though there is also a booze bar but is notably unmanned during my visit.

Omakase Burger with additional Impossible meatless patty added ($26.85).
Omakase Burger with additional Impossible meatless patty added ($26.85).

Additionally, their impossible burger, is like the one we tired at Fat Papa previously, has similar meaty texture. However, it is expectedly much less oily and equally juicy. Also, Picnic’s Omakase burger are notably similarly priced to Fat Boys Burgers, but offers less value than that of Han Im Gluck and Fat Burgers at Novena.

Italian thin crust pizzas

Moreover, I would recommend their freshly- made Italian thin crust pizzas and are great for sharing. These made to order pizzas starts with one regular pizza size with 3 toppings options starting from $13.50 a pop.

Neapolitan style crust carbonara pizza ($19.90)
Neapolitan style crust carbonara pizza ($19.90).

Also, a dollar up gets you 2 regular and 1 premium topping, while 2 regular and 2 premium topping costs $17.50, you get the math. For instance, a Neapolitan style crust carbonara pizza would set you back roughly $19.90 and good for sharing between 3-4pax. Do note that GST not included in the store advertised price.

made fresh thin crust pizzas
made fresh thin crust pizzas.

And that is pretty much all Picnic has to offer. Which oddly is less that what was advertised. For instance, the shop’s exterior, it touts to offer 8 establishments serving a range of burgers, pizzas, Korean and Taiwanese food. But about half of the stores appears closed on my visit. Notable anchor favourites such as Omakase burger and Made fresh are still about and running, as well as a Super geek Grain bowls. Also, the Ezo Hokkaido eats, a don rice bowl store, as well as all the Korean and Taiwanese stores however, are notably closed.

There are notably many stores closed in the park with the Covid-19 lockdown
There are notably many stores closed in the park with the Covid-19 lockdown.

All in all, if you love Omakase burgers, I would say go ahead and make a trip down to the Picnic. It has a great ambience to boot too. For the rest of us, I would recommend the shortlist Picnic Urban Food park. Say, until the place reopens the stores, there isn’t pretty on offer to what is advertised as urban market place dining.


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Picnic Urban Food park Locality Map
Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd, #03-15 Wisma Atria,
Singapore 238877
Daily Opening Hours: 11am–9:30pm


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