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Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a traditional American country style western food establishment serving authentic American roasted chicken. Let’s visit the Kenny Roger’s Chicken Roaster at Marina Square Mall in Singapore for a dine-in experience.

The spread here at Kenny Rogers Roasters
The spread here at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Moreover, the chain’s presence throughout Singapore is undeniable, which had been based in Singapore for a few good decades. This particular branch on the second floor of Marina Square Mall is a new addition to the chain. This was since a rejuvenation on this part of the mall. It conveniently sits adjacent to the mall’s food court and the Sukiya quick-dining Japanese restaurant we previously visited, offering an array of dining options in one area.

Kenny Rogers Storefront
Kenny Rogers Roosters Storefront at their Marina Square branch.

You place your order and make payment in a fast-food style setup before being brought in by friendly staff to your seats. The seating arrangement offers a mix of booth and table options, accommodating groups of up to six individuals. The ambiance within the restaurant is open and airy, with light wood colors dominating the décor. This design stands in stark contrast to the older Kenny Roger’s outlets that exude a more Western and darker theme akin to Astons steak restaurants.

Ordering counter
Condiment sides
Juicy chicken

A place for roast chicken

Their roast chicken are their best menu offerings and gets a recommendation. The restaurant itself is built on a reputation for their signature roast chicken. It forms an integral part of the Kenny Roger’s menu offerings, revolving around their roast chicken offerings.

Roast half chicken
Roast quarter chicken ($14.90), an entry and light dish to Kenny Rogers Roosters chicken.

Interestingly, Kenny Roger’s himself was a country musician turned restaurant connoisseur, and is well known not only in his celebrity but culinary circles too. The food joint was founded in 1991 by both Kenny Rogers and former KFC CEO John Y. Brown Jr and since has expanded beyond American into our shores. The portions are good and I am pleased to say, this good quality is still evident today. Kenny Roger’s chicken offerings here is tad of a gem here in terms of price and quality offered.

half roast chicken with two sides and corn bun, a recommended delight on offer here at Kenny Rogers.
Half roast chicken with two sides and corn bun ($20.90), a recommended delight on offer here at Kenny Rogers.

Also, their roast chicken are available in quarter or half chicken options, priced at $14.90 and $20.90 respectively. The portions for their half chicken is adequate for a hearty dinner enough for 1 person.

The chicken meat is juicy and tender, offering a delightful harmony of flavors. Also, the chicken has a light herb-infused outer skin which is thin, not fatty nor overly oily. The skin is speckled thin with a flavourful seasoning on the surface with a very thin layer of fat which comes from the grilling process.

Chicken are well marinated with spices
Chicken are well marinated with spices.

Moreover, for those seeking a boneless alternative, the Kenny Grilled Chicken Chop ($15.90) stood out as an excellent choice. Available topped with either original brown or black pepper sauces. For larger groups, Kenny Roger’s offered a jumbo platter priced at $150. This platter featured a whole chicken, fried chicken, and an assortment of sides, making it a comprehensive dining option for sharing.

Try their Staple corn buns

A visit to Kenny Rogers is not complete without their Corn Buns. Their Corn Buns are a staple favourite here at Kenny Rogers over the decades. Notably, each main course dish comes with one corn bread sitting in paper sleeves, which is sufficient for your corn bread fix.

Corn Buns are a staple favorite here at Kenny Rogers over the decades
Corn Buns are a staple favorite here at Kenny Rogers over the decades

Alternatively, you can order extra buns to share, costing $2 each. The cost per bun is cheaper with more pieces. The corns buns are not dry yet buns have with a crunchy top while maintaining a spongeny-like texture which crumbles as you bite into it.

Additionally, you have a variety to pair with your mains side dishes. Their main dishes come accompanied by two side dishes on top of the one Kenny’s homemade corn muffin. You can pair your mains with an additional pasta side for a dollar more, a combination popularized by Collin’s restaurants.

Also, I recommend their mac and cheese sides, and mashed potatoes as side best paired with your chicken. Greens includes sautéed vegetables (broccoli), fresh salad and coleslaw. This includes regular western potato staples such as fries and onion rings. The sides can be had al-la-carte in addition at $4.90 a pop.

Not just chicken

While Kenny Roger’s primary focus is on chicken offerings, their menu also extended to Western staples. This includes likes of fish and chips, fish fillet, grilled chicken, and various spaghetti options priced around the $11 range. There are also nasi lemak (coconut rice) dishes (ranging from $9.90 to $13.90) on offer, a take on the restaurant catering for the local Asian tastes.

Chicken chop
Chicken chop ($15.90), served with brown sauce, two sides and a corn bun.

On the flip side, their Fish and Chips dish ($14.90) was somewhat standard, presenting breaded fish fillets accompanied by thick-cut fries and mayo. However, it lacked the distinctive flair that Kenny Roger’s roast chicken boasted.

Fish and Chips wrapping up the western offerings
Fish and Chips ($14.90) wrapping up the western offerings.

Additionally, I would recommend staying away from their beef steaks. Anyway you be asking for disappointment ordering such steaks in a chicken specialist restaurant. Although it’s tempting to sample a steak at a chicken-focused restaurant, the Kenny’s Angus Sirloin ($20.90) fell short in terms of quality. It appeared that the steak might have been grilled from a frozen state, affecting both its taste and texture. For the same price, I would recommend better steaks from dedicated steak establishments like iSteaks.

Kenny's Angus Sirloin ($20.90). Not fantastic, nor one of their best offerings, served with 2 sides and a corn bread
Kenny’s Angus Sirloin ($20.90). Not fantastic, nor one of their best offerings, served with 2 sides and a corn bread.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Kenny Roger’s Chicken Roaster is a place to go for great roast chicken. However, I would caution against venturing into their beef steak offerings, as they did not meet the same level of excellence.

Still, their Marina Square branch, with their friendly staff, open seating and great roast chicken left me wanting more. This coupled with their reasonable prices, combined with the quality of the chicken, make it a great and reliable choice for anyone seeking delicious roasted chicken.


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Kenny Rogers Roasters Locality Map

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd,
#02-103A/104 Marina Square,
Singapore 039594
Hours: 11am– 10pm daily.


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