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Good bye 2014, Happy New Year 2015

Howdy! It’s that time of the year again where we wish the passing year goodbye and bring on the next. 2015 will be an exciting new year, with Singapore’s celebrating her 50th anniversary and the country also hosting the regional SEA games. Moore’s Law celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year and even Wolfson college Cambridge is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year back in the UK too, always nice to see the happenings back in Uni.

With 2014 aside, looking back it was a rather busy year, I expanded a new hobby in music playing the Piano and managed to keep up with my fitness plans to train up and get back into marathon season since my arrival back in Singapore. Fitness wise, I wasn’t running the full out 120km a week I used to do back in my Track and Field days, but I am doing enough (15km/week + swim) to get my fitness in check and in-condition back to tackle 10km and 21km event in the new year.

Also my apologizes for the lack of blog updates the past month. Work was particularly busy. With work and family commitments, time is a premium for me, even after. I’ve accumulated a large blog backlog over the last year which I will be getting back into posting. Looking into the new year, I will definitely see myself back into blogging more, at least once a week in the coming year.

With that aside, I look forward to 2015 with full of optimism. Happy new 2015 and have a awesome year ahead!


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