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Monster curry Japan fast dining

Monster curry is a fast-dining Japanese Curry katsu restaurant chain serving value Japanese curry rice plates. The establishment is known for their large monster serving portions, hence the name. Let’s take a dine-in of the establishment through a couple of dine-ins at the outlet, something I hadn’t had the chance to talk about till now.

The spread here at Monster curry
The spread here at Monster curry. Let’s take a dine-in.

Working on a familiar recipe

Monster curry is not the first into the Japanese curry rice scene in Singapore. The scene was long-ruled by incumbent competitors Washoku Geon and Coco curry. They operate out of food courts and their own restaurant chain respectively. Still Monster curry serves a similar menu of their tried and tested recipe of affordable large Japanese katsu with good quality.

 Fish cutlet with dousings of heart stylized curry on the side, a staple offering here at Monster Curry
Fish cutlet with dousings of heart stylized curry on the side, a staple offering here at Monster Curry. Let’s dine-in and see what’s up.

Furthermore, all Monster curry branches are themed with a red and yellow colour scheme. It goes with the fiery and monster theming which runs throughout their restaurants. The establishment had been operating in Singapore for a good 10 years at least. They had been dishing out their rather affordable Japanese curry known for their large portions, trademarked with their dragon monster mascot.

Monster curry storefront
Monster curry storefront, a familiar sight all over Singapore malls.

Large Japanese Curry options

Furthermore, Monster Curry is known for its large plate portions of Japanese-style curry dishes. Their curry comes in a variety of ingredients such as chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables. Here are few of their best and most popular dishes to recommend.

Classic staple curry
Classic staple curry served on gigantic plates.

First off is their Monster Combo Curry. This large dish features a combination of Pork Katsu, Pork Shabu-Shabu, Shrimp Tempura, Fried Fish, Cheese and rice, topped with a generous serving of their signature curry sauce. Also, their Combo dishes are great for sharing and priced at $32 per pop.

Large affordable katsu

Commendably, Monster curry’s katsu fillets are done well. Their chicken and pork katsu cutlet has a crunchy exterior skin. This is without spotting too much of a thick flour base. Also, the meat within is soft and juicy too without being too oily.

Giant fish cutlet, like fish and chips and rice
Giant fish cutlet, like fish and chips and rice.

Furthermore, you get generous portions of chicken and fish tonkatsu and sumibi beef. Also, wrapping up each dish are topping of a potato croquette and half-boiled egg.

Additionally, to garnish your meal, you can help yourself with free flow on condiments and chili powder. You have a choice of 5 different level of spiciness of your curry. Here, the kitchen will mix into your curry increasing levels of chili powder to your desires. The untold rule is that you can request a spicy level beyond their maximum level 5. Doing so, you will get your level 5 curry, with a plate of heaps of additional curry spice powder as free extras.

Try their chicken and pork katsu

Also, their Cheese Omelette Curry features a fluffy omelette filled with cheese, served on top of rice and covered with curry sauce. It’s a great option for cheese lovers. Wrapping up their menu curry chicken options are chicken curry options. Here, you can find favourites like the Teriyaki Chicken Curry. It is served with crispy boneless chicken thigh and a touch of omelette ($16.90). There is also as well as Chicken Katsu Curry and Chicken Cutlet (both $14.90).

Crispy delightful pork cutlet
Crispy delightful pork cutlet ($14.90).

Moving on, Pork options includes their Katsu Curry and Pork Cutlet ($14.90) as well as their Pork Katsu Curry. This dish features crispy and juicy pork cutlets served on their trademark oversized plates on top of a bed of rice and curry sauce by side. It’s a classic Japanese curry dish that’s always a crowd-pleaser.

Alternatively their Seafood Curry and Vegetable curry are other interesting options too. The seafood dish is loaded with prawns, scallops, squid, and fish, all cooked in a rich and flavourful curry sauce. It’s perfect for seafood lovers.

Also, wrapping up is their Vegetable Curry. It is great for diners looking for a vegetarian or simply just a healthier option. Here, Monster Curry’s vegetable curry features a colourful mix of vegetables in curry, such as carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers.

Burgers, it is not just curry rice

Burger selections here at Monster Curry
Burger selections here at Monster Curry.

Besides giant katsu mains, Monster Curry also offers a non-conventional menu selection of burgers. Their selections are monster in proportions too. For instances, their Monster Fish Burger is a Big fried fish burger with tartar & thousand island sauces served with fries and homemade curry mayo dip ($13.90).

Fat fish burge, with a large fish fillet between buns
Fat fish burge, with a large fish fillet between buns.

Also, their burgers like the Chicken Katsu Burger ($13.90) gets you a chicken katsu piece stuffed with Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise served with fries and homemade curry mayo dip ($13.90).

Katsu burger ($13.90) 
Katsu burger ($13.90), a large katsu patty between buns with greens.

Additionally, when ordering your meals, you can choose from several spice levels for their curry sauce. This ranges from level 1 mild to level 5 ultra spicy. You be given a separate plate of additional chilli powder for levels above. If their food portions are not filling enough, you also have the option to add extra toppings. Examples includes cheese or a boiled egg, to their dish for an additional cost. The ordering process is simple and efficient, you can place your orders at the counter and then taking a seat to wait for your food.

Value, but in a fast competitive katsu scene

Moreover, I found their food prices are similarly priced to that of competitor Coco Japanese curry. They offers a similar restaurant done-in menu, but with a greater selection of Japanese dishes, albeit in a more restaurant style setting. Still, Monster curry portions are not as affordable than Washoku Goen, which operates out of Food republic foodcourts.

That wraps up our dine-in here at Monster curry
That wraps up our dine-in here at Monster curry.

Usual incumbents include Coco curry and Monster curry, which both too has their roots as popular franchises in Japan too. Moreover, there is tad little competition in Singapore in the tonkaydu scene. This is especially in the food court and sub $10 price range.

Their Suntec branch store interior
Their Suntec branch store interior.

No wonder, Monster curry stores are pretty packed during peak periods and weekends. The store also has a pop-culture feel which resonates with the younger generations too. Wrapping up, like all major F&B outlets, all their restaurants accepts cashless payments including credit cards.

All in all, that wraps up our Monster curry dine-in. They had been very consistent in quality offerings for over 5 years in. It takes my pick for affordable and reasonable good katsu curry rice in a jovial and toony restaurant setting which is uniquely Japanese.


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Monster curry Locality Map

Various locations around Singapore- As reviewed- Suntec, JEM and Vivocity.
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk,
#02-126/127/129 VivoCity,
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 11:00am– 10:00pm daily


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