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Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen

Welcome to the vibrant world of Volcano Ramen Noodles, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Century Square. Far from your ordinary ramen joint, this eatery combines food with spectacle, ensuring every bowl tells a fiery tale. Today, we’ll explore Kazan VOLCANO Ramen branch located on the basement floor of Century Square Mall with a dinner dine-in, let’s go!

These giant Volcano steel caps is a feature piece here at Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen. Let's see what is it with a dine-in
These giant Volcano steel caps is a feature piece here at Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen. Let’s see what is it with a dine-in.

Volcano Ramen has 5 branches around Singapore. The eatery traces its roots back to 2012 in Osaka, Japan, where the concept of “Kazan,” meaning volcano, was born. The star of the show is their Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, served piping hot in a 400-degree Celsius stone bowl.

Storefront Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen at Funan Mall
Storefront Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen at Funan Mall.

As the broth cascades into the bowl, a red funnel captures the steam, mimicking a volcanic eruption- a performance synonymous with the brand.

Try their Trademarked Volcano Kazen ramen

Their trademark dish, Volcano Kazen Ramen, is a standout and a must-try. Consisting of two parts—a ramen noodle dish followed by a rice dish, it promises a rather out of the ordinary ramen dining experience.

Kazan Shoyu
Kazan Shoyu, broth with special blended soy sauce paste ($19.80).

The menu at Volcano Ramen erupts with flavor, there are two sukiyaki choices and 5 other regular Kazan Ramen flavours. The bowls for the sukiyaki is available in beef ($18.80) or pork ($17.80), both served with their sukiyaki soy sauce paste. Also, your sukiyaki sliced beef wrapped around a tower of diced cabbage and greens. Notably, the sukiyaki bowls here are only of one size, sized to a small portion stone bowl.

Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen beef sukiyaki
Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen beef sukiyaki ($18.80)

Wrapping up the Kazan Ramen are five choices of volcano ramen broth. From the less-spicy and universal Kazen Shoyu, Seafood-shio to the adventurous Spicer Karamiso, Tomato and Kazen Curry, there’s something for every palate. For this Volcano kazen variant, you have a choice of small and regular bowl sizes. It costs $16.80 for a small portion, while their regular and recommend portion costs a very affordable $19.90.

Shoyu Kazan with Chasu slices.
Shoyu Kazan with Chasu slices.

I would recommend their shoyu broth. If you desire something more thicker and flavourful, their curry broth is one to consider. There is enough broth in the stone bowl large enough for your two serving a of ramen noodles (which come already served in your bowl) and a second serving if rice served thereafter. Also, let’s not forget the ‘okoge’. It is the crispy rice that forms at the bottom of the bowl, adding a delightful crunch to your meal.

Kazen Curry Tonkotsu curry
Kazen Curry Tonkotsu broth with cheese blended spicy curry paste ($19.80).

A steamy ramen spectacle

Furthermore, the volcano dish at Volcano Ramen Noodles is an experience in itself. The sizzle of the hot stone bowl, the aroma of the broth, and the visual spectacle of the ‘volcano’ make each visit memorable.

Pouring in broth
Pouring in your broth upon serving

The process of enjoying your Volcano Kazen adds to the excitement, with the staff meticulously pouring broth into the hot stone bowl, covering it with the signature red volcano caps, and letting it cook amidst a smoky display of ‘eruption.’

Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Instructions
How to eat your Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen.

Also, eating your volcano kazen has some steps involved. Unlike the Hitsumabushi steps with Unagi bowls we had at Uya eel at Wheelock place sometime back, volcano kazen eating style is more tad more linear. First, a pot of broth severe humorously in a coffee pot is served, there is enough for 5 cups of coffee it seems.

Your Volcano broth served in effective coffee mugs.
Your Volcano broth served in effective coffee mugs.

A two parter meal- with ramen first, rice second

When you Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO dish is served, half portion of liquid broth is poured into your hot stone bowl, then covered with the steel red volcano “cone caps”.

Sit for a minute
Let it sit for a minute while it steams and cooks.

This be done by the waitering staff into where you wait about a minute after while the pre-heated stones will “cook” your meal is a smoky and aromatic display of volcano smoke coming from the top of your “Red volcano”. It does add a fun touch to having your meal.

Ramen is ready
Ramen is cooked and ready for consumption.
Al-dentre ramen
Broth with added eggs
Adding rice

You consume the ramen first, with a soupy broth with slices of thickly cut cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts and Chasu slices. It makes for a rather hearty meal.

When you are done, the staff will serve you an additional bowl of rice which you can add into the stone bowl with the remainder broth for the second part of your meal. I found the incarnation of the rice with the broth does have a take similar to chinese “pao fun”.

Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO with rice.
Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO with rice.

I found their volcano ramen a highlight offering here. And one which differentiates the restaurant offers to the already crowded Singapore ramen scene. I found their variety of options does invite you back to try more of their of their menu options, besides it being a rather filling and value meal too.

Soupy Ramen Options

Apart from the signature volcano ramen, Volcano Ramen Noodles offers a range of traditional Japanese ramen dishes, with an emphasis on red spicy ramen. Options like Tonkatsu, Shoyu, and Chasu Ramen cater to different tastes and preferences, with smaller portions available for those with lighter appetites.

Spicy red Ramen
Spicy red Ramen as alternative menu offerings.

Also, their ramen forms one of their more budget options, price from $13.80 per bowl onwards. Though bot as affordable as the offering from Takagi Ramen branches in Singapore. You can have it as a set meal option too with additional set of a mini chasu don, gyoza or fried chicken karaage set.

Moreover, for the adventurous souls, the Ultra Spicy Ramen offers three levels of heat, while the Beef Sukiyaki Kazan Ramen promises a rich and hearty experience. Also, I found their ramen broth flavourful and the noodles cooked al-dente without being too soggy in the ramen broth.

Health-conscious diners can opt for the Hinomaru Tomato Kazan Ramen, brimming with veggies in a tomato tonkotsu soup base. Notably, for most patrons, or of you are a small eater, the ramen portions is more  smaller and plateable offering, especially for Asian-friendly portions.

Wrapping up

In addition to ramen, the menu features rice dishes such as fried rice and rice dons like Katsu Don. Their Chasu Don (slice pork rice bowl) are their most affordable selection starting at $7.80 per bowl, with prices going up to $12.80 for their Fried Katsu Don and more premium Hot stone Japanese curry rice.

Free flow Eggs
Dining areas
Gyoza sides

The store also does all day happy hour, where $2.90 gets you a 330ml Sapporo bottle, umeshu on the rocks, or an assortment of fruit chu-hi juices. If you don’t drink, you be pleased that free free-flow of warm or iced water are provided too.

Also, during peak dinner hours, expect a wait of around 15 minutes for your meal, although the free-flow of hard-boiled eggs helps pass the time. With prices ranging from $15 to $20 per person, Volcano Ramen offers excellent value for money, with the $19.90 Volcano Kazen pot providing a particularly filling meal option.

Storefront Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO
That’s all folks, that wraps up our adventures here at Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen.

All in all that wraps up our dine in here at volcano ramen. A visit to Volcano Ramen Noodles at Century Square is a must for ramen enthusiasts and curious foodies alike. Come for the delicious ramen, stay for the eruption of flavors, and leave with a memorable dining experience. Itadakimasu!

This review is not sponsored by the establishment nor did they provide any editorial input or reimbursements into the content and outcome of this review. All meals were paid for in full out of my own pocket as a regular and anonymous patron.


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Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen Makan Place Locality Map

Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5, #B1-10,
Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: 11 am– 10 pm daily

Notalby, Tonkotsu Kazan VOLCANO Ramen


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