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Roast Delights at the Carvery Park Hotel Alexandra

The Carvery is hotel restaurant located in the Park Hotel. They offer a buffet spread specialising in meats and roasts with a European flair. Lets check out the Roast Delights at the Carvery Park Hotel Alexandra.

Getting there

Geographically, the Park Hotel sits at the intersection between Alexandra and Jalan Bukit Merah. The Carvery is a relatively new restaurant in a new hotel building. Tucked in the upper 7th floor, it is a new modern “vertical” hotel built alongside on top a shopping mall called the Alexandra central mall. Also, the restaurant sits beside the hotel pool area on this open-air seventh floor bar area. It is accessible via an elevator ride from the inconspicuous tiny lobby of the hotel.

Moreover, it located beside known landmarks like IKEA Alexandra along Alexandra road, facing Queenstown shopping center and the Anchorage condominium. Old timers may remember it as the site where the old SAFRA Bukit Merah resided. Park Hotel sits on top of the Alexandra Central mall. However, do note that accessibility by MRT is limited. The roads though are well served by buses.

The entrance to the Carvery restaurant
Welcome to meat paradise! The entrance to the Carvery restaurant.

Fantastic Roast Selection

As introduced, the thing which the Carvery really shines is the meats and roast section. Notably, the restaurant prides themselves for offering one of the best on-site roasted meats. You can see them nicely roasting the one of few indoor roaster machines tucked behind the meat bar. Choices include fowl (turkey), roast beef, lamb and my personal favorite, pork knuckles. The selection changes everyday, but you will have at least 2-3 options.

The roast bar
The roast bar.

A chef station manned by a member of the culinary staff will be on-site to cut and serve your chosen cuts. Moreover, notable inclusion will be their juicy roast ham hock. Otherwise also known as pork knuckle, it is the extreme shank end of the leg bone and joint between the tibia/fibula and the metatarsals of the foot of a pig. It is also where the foot was attached to the hog’s leg.

 The juicy roast plate
The juicy roast plate.

On my visits, I found the quality of the roast excellent. The restaurant really know how to do their meats well. They are well marinated as well as juicy. The ham hock also retains it’s crispy outer shell. It makes you always back for more. Accompanying the meat selection is a myriad of sauces such as berry jam or mint sauce to go with your lamb. And cooked brown sauce for your steak roast. the beefs are cooked to a medium consistency which are really juicy on the inside.

Cooked Food selections

In addition to roasts are a choice of cooked food served on counter. This “food bar” runs along the entire length of the restaurant.
It is probably one of the single most longest continuous food counters you can find in a restaurant buffet setting. This cooked food selection starts a choice of appetizers such as premixed salads with a small assortment of seafood.

The continuous running central food bar
The continuous running central food bar.

However, if you are into seafood, The Carvery will disappoint you. Still you can find some fish and prawn choices in their cooked food options, but don’t expect to see crabs or fresh oysters here. If, so I would recommend Orchard Hotel or Grand Copthorne Waterfront. Seafood is simply just not Cavery’s specialty.

On a brighter side, I found the quality of their cooked food good despite lacking in varieties. Choices includes a mix of Chinese mixed dishes such as vegetables, and steamed fish. Moreover, adding to the mix is an extensive European flair with wood fired pizzas, lasagna. Those needing your carbohydrate fix will be delighted with their pasta, mixed potatoes dishes as well as a self-served counter offering bread and choices of two soups.

Dessert selection
Dessert selection.

Last but not least the extensive cake and desserts section is tucked on the far end of the food counter. Here, you find cheesecakes, fruits and apple custard served in chocolate cups. Here, you also find a cheese bar with an assortment of cheese (blue, cheddar mozzarella) accompanied with grapes served with biscuits. Very European indeed.

Lastly, the restaurant ambience is largely clean white and modern, which goes with the hotel’s general look and feel. Complimenting the restaurant’s indoor seating is are open-pool side infinity pool outdoor seating. The open outdoor bar however, only opens at night.

Open and clean seating
Open and clean seating.

All in all, the Carvery is one of modern European dining at its best for the price. I found the offerings good for the price. Lunch prices will set you back at $42++ per adult, while dinner costs about $62++. The price is reasonable for the spread offered and not as expensive by most hotel restaurants. It sits in the lower price range of buffets like Furama city center and Carlton, but offers far better quality then the two.

Moreover, the restaurant can get surprising popular during lunchtimes as they occasionally do run discounted or credit card 1-1 deals which makes it ideal for groups. It is indeed an elegant restaurant and a meat lover’s paradise.

The Carvery Park Hotel Alexandra
Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159972
Opens at times daily: Lunch 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm Dinner 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm



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