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Giffest Imperfect National Design Centre

GIFFEST Imperfect is back, and it’s ready to astound audiences with its third edition at the Singapore National Design Centre. The design event is generously supported by the Design Singapore Council, bringing together two creative powerhouses: GIFFEST, Asia’s largest celebration of GIFs, and EYEYAH!, a visionary platform known for its thought-provoking approach to deconstructing social issues through visually-compelling means.

The comforty interior of the Giffest exhibit
The comforty interior of the Giffest exhibit, complete with beanbags.

A physical display of digital

Furthermore, the driving force behind this captivating event lies in the power of the digital file format GIFs, also known as graphic interface format. It animation ability changes how you look at images, taking the digital world by storm. Also, GIFs have become a ubiquitous form of communication, conveying emotions, reactions, and narratives in a concise and visually engaging manner. Harnessing this potential for social impact, GIFFEST: IMPERFECT offers an extraordinary display of mixed media. This includes printed wallpapers, animated GIFs showcased on screens, and physical sculptures.

Giffest hut in the lobby of the National Design Centre.
Giffest hut in the lobby of the National Design Centre.

Under the theme of “imperfect,” this immersive exhibition in its 3rd edition, invites you to explore the concept from both a design perspective and as a pressing social issue. Also, it encourages you to discover the inherent beauty and value in imperfection as an essential aspect of human creativity and self-expression. Through more than 50 captivating animated artworks created by talented local and international creatives. Here, GIFFEST challenges the societal obsession with perfectionism and redefines expectations and attitudes.

Unique imperfections

Prepare to be enthralled by GIFFEST: IMPERFECT, touted as a blockbuster experience that transcends traditional boundaries. It showcases the boundless potential of GIFs as a creative medium. Here, the worlds of animation, graphic design, film, and photography seamlessly converge, presenting a harmonious blend of artistic disciplines that will leave you in awe.

Giffest Imperfect Colourful themed walkways connecting the various galleries within.
Colourful themed walkways connecting the various galleries within.

A small curation

The gallery is a small contained one, you navigate through in a linear progression, following through a carefully curated journey. It takes you from one sector to the next, with musings on each turn.

Rest areas
Gallery overview
Animated cube facade

Also, EYEYAH! are the minds behind GIFFEST. They are an organization dedicated to promoting creativity in all its forms. EYEYAH! not only organizes exceptional events like GIFFEST but also publishes the widely acclaimed EYEYAH! Magazine. Also, this platform champions diverse voices and fosters a vibrant creative community, empowering artists to express their unique perspectives and tackle pressing societal issues through their art.

However, if a particular artwork captivates your attention, feel free to make a detour and spend extra time exploring one of the cubicle areas. These thought-provoking standing sculptures spark musings on imperfection and its significance in our lives.

Giffest Imperfect Gifest 3 animations
Gifest 3 animations in each of the various cubes.

Moreover, the multimedia exhibition elevates the Gif digital immersive experience with a modern take. Here, you be mesmerized by giant projections and cutting-edge display formats. These are specifically designed to cater to the preferences of today’s technology-loving generation. The fusion of art and technology in this visually stunning showcase that transports you into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

A quirky multimedia exhibition

Furthermore, the collection of GIFs featured at GIFFEST: IMPERFECT has been meticulously curated through an open call on Instagram, receiving an overwhelming number of creative submissions under #GIFFESTSG. It highlighted the incredible talent and diversity within the GIF art community.

A quirky yet well laid out gallery, reflecting our digital nomad life
A quirky yet well laid out gallery, reflecting our digital nomad life and impressions.

Also, as you explore the exhibition, you’ll be treated to a rich tapestry of works and perspectives from around the globe. Renowned artists, celebrated for their unique approach to GIF art, stand alongside emerging talents, promising to captivate and inspire with their creative prowess. Here you can find works from Takahiro Komura, Buro UFHO and Arya Mularama, as well as musings as a 5-legged horse sculpture.

Parody of local design icons
5 legged horse
Artwork animations

In addition to the main exhibition, GIFFEST: IMPERFECT presents a series of engaging fringe programs. These programs provide you with opportunities to delve deeper into the world of GIF artwork. Also, it allows you to explore the complex interplay between imperfection and perfection. Culturally trending and relevant topics such as the beautifully imperfect realms of AI, Generative NFTS, Music, and Animation will be the focus of these programs, offering thought-provoking insights and interactive experiences.

Animation on screens
Animation on screens. Some as NFTs.

In conclusion

Wrapping up, you exit out back into the courtyard area where a row of educational atm-like machines reside. These are brought to you by Singapore’s national bank POSB with EYEYAH, to teach children about financial health, building good relationship with money through lifelong skills taught here.

POSB pop up mock ATMs promoting the bank
POSB pop up mock ATMs promoting the bank.

All for all, GIFFEST: IMPERFECT is an extraordinary event at the National Design Centre, supported by the DesignSingapore Council. This fusion of GIFFEST and EYEYAH! brings together Asia’s largest GIF celebration and a thought-provoking approach to social issues.

Through immersive exhibitions, diverse GIF artworks challenge society’s obsession with perfectionism, showcasing the power of GIFs as a creative medium. Giant projections, multimedia displays, and fringe programs offer a captivating experience, while the curated collection of GIFs reflects global perspectives. Organized by EYEYAH!, the event which runs from 18 May to 26 August in the lobby of the National Design center, also home to the Fifty Years of Singapore Design Exhibition. All in the name of promoting, encouraging creativity and embracing imperfection.


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