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So what went wrong

Well, actually wanted to post this before booking in for camp last night, oh but what the heck. 🙂

First off I would like the highlight the terrible gallery crash which happened last weekend, it kinda corrupted all the .htaccess files in the site, therefore creating lots of complications beyond repair, a new reload and setup is the only way to solve it, together with the chore to reformat and upload the photos. But fret not thru this, its rather a learning process for me, esp for not touching the rather useless frontpage feature in the site’s control panel (frontpage you dumb ass you caused all these corruption). On a brighter side, despite spotting captions all newly uploaded pictures, my desperate attempts to find a quick and efficient way to upload photos to gallery led me to gallery remote a free java program to manage and upload pics very very convinently indeed, a farcry from the old days of selecting one pic one by one to upload.. daamn was that painstalking! 😛

Moreover, gallery 1.4.2 have some conflicts with wordpress when the blog-header.php file is being required.. gotta check out on that bug..

Secondly, accessing the site’s .htaccess file was abit of a problem, as I have some rewriting on mod_rewrite, besides turning on frontpage ( which I most prob won’t try again). I just would like to carrify on creating a folder called .htdocs in ya root directory in throw ya .htaccess in. Is that so, would it work? give me a ring on the comments if you do. 😉 (the server is running apache redhat linux with hsphere cpanel)

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