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Starsky & Hutch

Caught Starsky & Hutch at cineleisure with my cousin today, not a bad, “the 70s” crime bustin’ show. Had lunch at taka before that where I finally got the SIGG bottle with a design and colour I wanted (naturally being black). You can try checking out the variety of bottles there, far better than any I’ve seen at hereen annex, L2 and most 77th street shops.

Brought my phone for another DARNED repair again. This time I finally managed to convince the technical assistants that the problem the phone has lies in the phone’s MMC READER and not my darned MMC CARD which they had been trying to push the blame to. I mean what could either be the problem be after testing the phone out with 3 different MMCs, on all my devices & the phone being the only one corrupting the card? Irritating! Threw the phone there for a good 3 hours only collecting after the movie. Finally they’ve gotten smarter by replacing the phone’s mmc card reader. And after lots of vigorous testing on the phone, (the salesgirl was rather good company thou) finally I can conclude that they got it repaired & hope that this would be the last problemt he phone give me (haha why am I bluffing myself on this?).

Moreover, privacy would be a rather controversial issue in the SX1 community now, given some feature on my phone I didn’t know about! woot! talking about minority report to the maxes…

Took an MRT from orchard to bugis, went to simlim & the nearby bugis junction to check out the Sony clie (PEG-TH55) I was interested in, retailing at a helfy $769. Noticably Sony seldom allow prices of their PDAs to drop, & they are often being discontinued even before the prices are given a chance to do so. The good old PEG-UX50 is still going at a strong $1k+, so I would steer clear of that for quite awhile. While the PEG-NV80 is showing some reassurance, going at $600 now…

Grabbed a coolermaster Aerogate II & a RAH-66 commanche 1:48 kit-model while I was at the area. Installed the aerogate once I reached home. Moreover my debit card was mailed in today waiting at home, *flips* whee.. spending power powerup x10. armm umm, maybe I would start building the commanche tomorrow afternoon.

On a sidenote, Bugis kino comics is selling the McFARLANE’s Matrix APU model at $79 and the Sentitel at $89, so ex.

My first driving practical lesson will be on tml at BBDC. At 8.35am.. whee its so late now…

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