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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Strangely enough, I am feeling very sleepy now, almost nodding off a few times lately and its only 12midnight. My sister is off for some long partying trip with her classmates, partly because both my parents are away on a relaxation trip, so literally the whole house was mine today. Spent most of my time today coding and ironing out bugs around the site, on top of that, added the pics of yesterday’s BBQ. They are of camera-phone quality so they are kinda shitty, furthermore in low light conditions…

Anyway, check it out in the Photos-NS section. Captions will come tml or so when I find time to throw ’em in. Otherwise I guess its Macdonalds for breakfast tomorrow cus no one’s home, even dinner’s out today for me, damn I hate being lazily independent…

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