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Attack of the metrosexual

Woke up at 9am today where I had to pretty much ready and heat up a very simple american breakfast my mum prepared before leaving for work earlier. Also theres a facial appointment my mum so happily booked for me today at 10.30am orchard midpoint, (the army really knows how to degrade one’s hygiene levels) to me its another chance to spruge and spend money as usual. With the facial chore done and feeling no better than a stiff stick after almost sleeping out throughout the process (with the excpetion of the irritating blackhead squeezing part), zipped down to OG orchard opposite to grab some bev hills 90210 and Lee jeans they had on sale there, on top of a y-paks black casual bag which I always need on outings.

Went around 77th street @ annex to check out the sigg bottles, hoping that they have the design I wanted.. as usual darned no- even L2 at cineleisure don’t stock the ones I want. So after a spending spree of about on dumb facial products only my sis and mum would use, clothes, bags, games and computer accessories at PK herren. Setting me back bout $0.2k, its not that bad after all…

Ok Having packed all my clothes, entertainment and food, only to rush for the chalet at changi later at night will indeed be- a rush! even if I am not typing this blog… going into 10mins late into overtime, I guess the best I could is to start moving to meet my friends at Pasir Ris now.. chaos! see ya tml afternoon after the chalet.

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