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Monday, July 15, 2024

Quick monday

Woke up to another lazy morning, dang bout 10am to be exact, didn’t have much time to prepare anything myself. But kinda found time to get the site up & running smoothly again. hehheh & finally, the FTP’s up & working again (yippee more uploads!)

What kinda impressive are my host’s (as in the guys who were paid to store all these stuff online) replys to “my tons of messages” sent to them regarding the damned downtime yesterday (& yea, regarding the spam issue by IDA, heh I didn’t spam them mind you 😛 ).

Mmm did find some time for fixes around the site & re-done the guestbook, more friendly & won’t gobble up the typical idiot :mrgreen: . Then its off for driving at BBDC again, this time with a simlutor lesson (aka crash, bumpercar lesson) which too, also serves as an auto transmission car lesson. Furthermore I’ve got a woman instructor for my practical today , not very much a joy for her being “close to the 40s” but what kicks are actually the silm chances of having them to take you. (& a change from the all male instructor thingy), also considering the school having only 2 female instructors! After all that, 6 more lessons to go till the final driving test. hehheh

Well, its off to dinner now, heard its steamboat, wonder what mum and dad have in store now…

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