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Coasting to a stop

Just came back from a visit to granny’s. Went to abc market for supper thereafter, had chicken cutlet while the rest of my family had a more muslim type meal with satay & mee siam.

The more I drive, the more some habits start to show, such a “dishwashing the wheel”, not keeping left & coasting on neutral to a stop. Actually the coasting part is very much something dad wanted me to do, so as not to wear out the clutch linings so soon. Such freewheeling is particularly good esp when coasting to a stop, just gain enough speed then shift to N & coast to a stop at the red light. I wonder why don’t they teach that at school, well because it dangerous?

D12 is making great progress now (not one the new site project will be known as D12.V1.0: design type 12, version 1.0), I try not to be so coupled up or being much of a slave to the computer now, doing all my work bit by bit everyday & try to spend lesser time in front of the computer working, considering it being off days for me. The pr0ject is roughly 30% done with most of the graphical elements created awaiting upload, this time we should be able to see a much larger space devoted to the shoutbox, not to mention finally a working & functional poll. The tough part would be updating the css & converting the current colour scheme to suit the new orangy theme (yea orange is back!). Would see more updates on that tomorrow.

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