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Gearing up for school reopening, booth done

Popped by school today to meet up with my FYP teamamtes Khowming who was already there with other coursemates. Danson could not make it today due to some last minute issue on his part. Part of today’s plan was to get our 2nd signage board up (which will be used for illustrative purposes at our display booth), together with doing some housekeeping to spruce up and PC and set it up in a more conducive manner.

singapore poly fyp radicurl 001

High on the agenda was to meet up with our supervisor on finally finalising our design plans so we can actually get about ordering our parts, but that was put back as my supervisor was not in office today. But our project room TSO was around and has always been a very helpful person making setting our booth up, the team simply adores our TSO. As he always said “We treat each other like family”. So things done all around in the design center are based on trust and responsibility. Would be looking forward to working with him for the weeks to come.

Our display booth looks totally awesome now and we are ready to start work. It is the most funky around the design center at the moment. Man will it be impressive on the 1st day of school when everyones comes back to school. Not to mention a morale booster for my team as well!


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