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More darn changes to the simulator design

It turns out some projects will require constant design revisions to be perfect. Got news from my teammate that our supervisor wants another design change to the design of the simulator, namely making it more “unique” however, this means having to go a full 360 degrees into a total revamp, reason being our design is common for most simulators. If this is so, it will be our 4th major change to the design, which is seriously dampening team morale. I hope my supervisor will limit his requests for changes.

Well, saying is so much easier than done this means back to the drawing board and design processes again, not to mention the tedious CAD work thereafter. If only my team supervisor is more firm to stick to his decisions.

Going into our history of designs, our very 1st design months back goes about having twin looping rings like a gyroscope. Allowing a user seated in the center to rotate about 2 axis continuously, almost like the old disfunct SEGA R360 arcade machine, only better and more versatile. Our supervisor highlighted (ok reasonable at that time) space concerns for the twin loops and would like to cut the height by half. So I came up with a linear actuator type simulator with only 360 degrees rotation for the “roll” axis. Later do the team realize that our supervisor was against the 360 rotation idea from the start and suggested going for a more basic design, using actuators, which gave birth to the final design we came up till now.

Looks like we have to junk this new set of engineering drawings, dimensions for fabrication and orders for now.


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