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Gearing up for Spinnovex 2008

After many long weeks, not to mention Saturday and Sundays (Thanks going to our TSO) working on my final year project, today is the day where we get to move into the main exhibition tentage! My team’s project was not really fully completed yet and we wanted to go in early so we can use up the rest of the day to finish it up. Also given the instructions to go in early. Little do we know that upon moving in first thing in the morning, no one is actually there yet! Whoa we are few of the first!

I cannot reveal much of my project at the moment, so I am pretty vague at the moment, what you should know is that it’s a freakin’ cool gaming motion simulator for the SP open house cum Spinnovex Exhibition.

Got about the whole morning setting up the booth and testing our simulator spanning into the evening, well, till the security had to chase us out at 6pm as they are closing up the place.

Spinnovex 2008 main tentage
Spinnovex 2008 main tentage
Inside the tent, time to fill da spaces!
Inside the tent, time to fill da spaces!
Moving all our projects in
Moving all our projects in

Being in the main tentage, we definitely have lots to deliver, not to mention meeting lots of expectations and being under the scrutiny of the judges, industry leaders and general public.

For today, I am quite satisfied with the project. We got “interviewed” by some of the staff members who are looking for projects to be featured in the media and papers. Moreover, we also did a live demonstration to our Japanese professors we got to know last year who are visiting again. Even our supervisor was pleased with our progress so far. All I can say, our project did really attract quite alot of attention in the tent, even passer bys- it’s kinda pressurizing but otherwise good attention I guess as a whole. I believe my team will pull through together the whole exhibition with our system without any problems. I have all trust in them and in our work.

The Spinnovex 2008 exhibition will be open this Wednesday to trade visitors only, it will be open to the public this Thursday onwards to Saturday, so do pay us a visit at the SP open house this week!


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