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SP Open House & Spinnovex 2008 Day 2

A clean unobstructed shot of our exhibit

The second day of Spinnovex started with us finally able to get hold of our goodie bags and finally some ice-cream to chow on- allowing us to relax after working a whole day on foot at the exhibition. Today is the last day of judging with one specially for us CIE groups in the morning (the results will be out tomorrow), the rest of the day is open to the public for tryouts and demonstrations.

Remarkably, our simulator project exhibit stood up and took on the crowds in and out running whole day without any problems at all. Being a cold morning before, we managed to get our outdoor compressor condensation problems settled even before being able to redefine any part of Murphy’s law, thanks to our IPC TSO Mr Suhami.

A view of my team's simulator

We received many more good feedback from students and the general public who tried our simulator, so far all were positive.

Moreover, our simulator was exceptionally popular with secondary school students, which we largely catered for as part of our Spinnovex showcase planning process. This was also something our immediate aeronautical competitors finally realized who swapped their old game to a more appealing no-frills arcade-styled one (well it’s not the first nor last time they copied ideas from us!).

Our demo rides are short 3 minutes sprint races in the game: Need for speed- Most wanted which kept our “test drivers” occupied with the aim and objective of showcasing our simulators force feedback to the full potential and degree without compromising a long ride and long snakey queues to ride.

We got crowds!
We got crowds!
Adults tryouts
Adults tryouts
And lots of kids as well!
And lots of kids as well!

I guess my teammates, after a whole day of work are more than qualified to work as amusement park ride operators! There were visitors from all ages, from grown up adults to middle aged people to even seven year olds who can hardly reach the foot pedals even with the seat fully brought forward. Moreover, we saw a group of visiting secondary school students being rather regular riders of our gaming simulator, even up to seven times just to better their race timings between their classmates on our laptime powerboard, amazing!

Lookin grovey!

We had catered buffet dinner at T11A under the house as part of the group staying back into the night for the industry visit. My parents were able to pop by in the evening for a short visit, where I managed to get them invited into the main tent and tour the area, especially viewing our buddy 5 CIE projects in the tent as well.

The industry visit saw several interested parties from several organizations such as PSA and ST Kinetics just to name afew. Strangely, I was even offered a job in financial with Prudential Singapore, though I saw no relations to it with our project.

The highlight of the night have to be Singapore Polytechnic Board of Governors Chairman visiting my booth as part of the planned tours with his Drs and Profs. “Very impressive” he said with thumbs up.

My visiting parents at the booth!
My Parents at the booth
Industry night dinner!
Industry night dinner!
The industry and VVIP night
The industry and VVIP night

It’s late now, I did better get some rest for tomorrow. Will post more especially a video as an update to this blog entry tomorrow.

It was a good day today, with one more to go tomorrow!


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