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Track Camp, BBQ and Polar RS400sd at House of Times

The track camp and BBQ is on last night, well specifically the BBQ as the camp already started since Thursday. The camp saw a reunion of some old seniors, together with Juniors. There was Lan gaming at SP Moberly Hub before training from 5pm at the track. The BBQ started around 7.30pm. Besides the usual crabsticks and sotong balls, there was usual hotdogs, big and small cocktail ones which we found out is rather manageable to BBQ. Few of us left round 11.30pm so that they could catch the last mode of public transport home.

Prior to all that, I touched school around late afternoon, before having to leave to orchard to meet a client who I come to know have his own badminton club in Pasir Ris!

Had a light soupy dinner at Orchard (as I was recovering from some sore throat boring me over the past few days), so I can do with with lesser of the heaty BBQ food later in the night.

Polar RS400sd Running Computer

Homework for my Polar RS400sd
Dropped by the House of Times at lucky plaza (since I was around the area) to check out the Polar RS400sd watch, apparently they are the only few authorized sellers and repairs centers for Polar watches in Singapore iteslf. Widely known for this store are also their rates which are usually lower than standard outside rates.

The RS400sd is retailing at $715 in most watch shops, have them retailing in House of Times at $704 basic. I asked the assistant about using the upcoming New Balance Realrun vouchers for a discount on the watch, and she (presumably one of the owners of the store as well) told me no need and she could offer the RS400sd at 15% on the spot if I wish (ask for it!) thus effectively brining the price to $600SGD

So calculating, I can get the RS400sd at $369.90USD from amazon (buying from US is always thought to be cheaper), so that’s $555 excluding shipping and GST. Including GST and it will be way above $600. With this together with possible warranty issues if I purchase from overseas, it seems that all my previous homework about buying overseas are redundant now given the lover local rates.

I approached my Friend at the BBQ on the issue who told me that we can actually use Coach’s coach card to get discount for Polar watches, let be the regular lobangs for bulk order with Running Lab stores, having discounts rumored round 40% off. But whether that are for old stocks I still yet to confirm. It just makes me wonder should I commit the RS400sd now or wait.



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