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Replacement strings

Just when I started tuning my guitar today & before I could get any tunes up on my favorite Good Charlotte song, my e string of my guitar broke.. 😯 argh!!

Dang I don’t have a spare anywhere, shouldda go easy on it. considering its the thinest string… but I think its time for a string change anyway. And there it was standing broken & unable to play a song.. though I could always do alway with the highs.. but arghh! disaster!

Then hope came, my parents planned dinner out so maybe I can drop by somewhere.. where I can get replacement strings fast.. & hey there I was next at parklane shopping mall, opposite peace centre.. the mini music heaven… got my strings changed at my favorite Parklane music novelty store at the basement. The old uncle there is always very kind, never fail to have to good chat & usually gives good discounts for stuffs there, you should check out his music store, I reco that with quite a selection of accessories guitars & amps.

However, I had never changed strings at that store before. Furthermore my guitar spots a Floyd Rose Tremolo system so I would like to heck the hassles of changing strings myself. So I asked whether he provides the service, “sure, no problem, that would be $2 per string, $10 for all 6” he replies… ok reasonable.. but next I was kinda “dumbfounded” when he took out his modified power drill attached to a de-tuner winder attachment to unwind the strings & put on the new ones, quite hardcore but otherwise, very impressive, & I thought we peeps were limited to those “relatively good” manual tuner winders… but a drill attachment? whoa! But it gets the job done very professionally & in record time too, plus tuning… well at least now I know a good place for strings replacement service!

Had dinner at rex resturant, opposite the sunshine plaza, they didn’t have much food left as its near closing, so we only had chicken rice with veg, still hungry we left for paradigm center back across the road where I had a foot long subway meal while mum & dad had their complete dinner at the center’s foodcourt. Tuned the guitar the moment I got home, & just in time for my ATW, camp mate, wong to meet on mirc (though I was 1/2hr late) to transfer the AHM photos he took on his camera. Would be uploading them up soon.. the pics should be up tml then. 🙂

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