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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Rest rest at home…

Didn’t go out today, partly because I was too lazy to do so…

Managed to get one guitar playing and experiementation today, pushing the amplifer settings gain (distortion on) to bout 6, mid -1, reverb nil, bass maxed and treble -2 will produce a good acoustic tone on the bass strings while strumming on the other 5 strings will bring out the heavy metal riff-like-distortion. Think I am getting a rhythm somewhere, hopefully I can find time to perfect the intro and chorus of the song, finish it with a direct silent recording into my pc.

*Looks at my 1/35 Patlabor series Type-J9 Griffon Labor mecha model kit*

And dang, can’t get started on my model kit today partly because of the lack of supplies to actually start. Need to drop by some hobby store sometime next week to get hold of some primers, mircon liners, uni paint markers, tamiya paints and sealers, hope it won’t set me further by $50. This model will be different from my regular collection partly because of the intensive detailing required on Master Grade (MG) kits, not to mention the amount of time I need to put into building this wonderful model.

Currently Listening: HOUSE – Followerrs of the Drum – Tribal Hard Deep House Trance (4:32)


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