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Last sunday of 2003.

Argh! fingers are aching like crazy today aftersome practice time with my new guitar, just a bit more tries over the weeks and I should be able to get the hang of it and become immune to the pain.

And so its the last sunday of the year, also the last blog entry before I head back to camp for the week, also the last book-out/book-in for the year. Oh well when you come to think about it 2003 just zipped past me, but that don’t seem to bug me one bit either.. maybe because I am in the army? dang yea- ORD is not near, no holiday ending (school re-opening) blues or any school related shit the education system had casted upon our “poor” kids of Singapore.

On a sunday note:

Woke after today at 9am feeling great and better than the last few days, no sore throat bad nose or feverish feeling. Only some minor cough and lots and lots of plam. icks! With that aside, who cares bout the sickness when I’ve got a nice french garlic bagle, clam cowder and tea coupled with the sunday comics, ahhh it was a good morning. *cough**cough*

After some morning guitar practice and some light dose of usual Counter-Strike after lunch (The SG CS friends server had this new matrix mod running on their servers quite cool but rather stupid). Checked out some of my usual “to-be-surfed-to-get-updates” sites and hey Rob Alvey got 2 new coaster videos for download, always like their theme park movies.

Would be going back to good old Tekong on mon and tuesday, had been sometime since I did too and when I did that, it was like “haha sucker! never gonna set foot on ya again! ” oh well… *grunts* on top of that training would be tough the next few days, hope I am up and recovered by then. Don’t want this dang cough to hold me up so much next week.

Any new year resolutions?

or was that’s last year’s?…. Lol!

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