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Visit to grans *Burp*

Hi five!

Then there was a Malay wedding ceremony Sheena had to attend before picking her up for dinner, & man do we have to drive like almost an hour or so before getting to Sembawang where the wedding is held… aka the-other-end-of Singapore as we know it. Luckily we were rewarded with some baryani rice, mutton & chicken from her friend as a dinner top-up. That very much set the in-car aroma all the way back, & man were we hungry then. Initially the plan was a visit to grans before heading down to breeks at habour front for dinner, where Mum wanted us to try the al la crate. She had been always bragging to bring us to go after her visit there last week with her PTA presenter’s gang. The plan was postponed due to the lack of time & we had dinner at a hawker center near grans place together with our additional malay cuisine, courtesy of our friends at the still-on-going wedding celebrations in Sembawang. Mum went about her usual groceries, while dad went for a hair cut, as usual I was mum grocery plastic bag boy… “arms very strong hol? come come help me hold all these things…” dang!

& no, we didn’t raid the cheers ice-cream machine this time. Next week will see my last paper for the semester, electronics. Brought stuff to study while at grans but didn’t find the time do to do then, sad. Left about 10pm+ before heading home.

Now, can anyone enlighten me whether a mixture of fried hokkien sotong noddles, beancurd, soyabean drink, baryani rice, chicken & mutton for dinner is a bomb for methane production? cus I am having lots of gas now.. yea… can’t stop “opps” burping & passing gas.. urgh! Maybe if that is so, then we can rely on a new definite source of renewable energy, thus solving all our current energy problems… now only we got to find a comfortable way to harvest the gas…


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