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Funny Nintendo Revolution Advert

Nintendo Revolution Ad Pic 1

Yea we all know that Sony’s out with their PS3 next year, answering that too will be Microsoft’s Xbox360, both spotting wireless controllers, new processors, engine & such. But I guess nothing much can offer the interactivity the Nintendo Revolution offers. In place of the all standard game controller is a rather unique “TV remote” styled controller where on-screen-controls are as easy as ‘point & click’ – YES point to the screen & SELECT, all no hassles, no wires. I can just imagine the possibilities this format offers, having the ability to pick objects in RPGs, swinging your controller as a racket/sword in a tennis game/samurai game, using it as a steering wheel in racing games, not to mention having an edge & doing away with the hassle of D-pads in first person shooters. Whats more, its expandable & can be mated with a conventional D-pad base for conventional gaming style. You can read a more detailed story & application of this rather interesting gyro controller on IGN.com here.

To have a feel of the interactivity involved, check out some snapshots I’ve taken from a Japanese advertisement Nintendo is currently offering as a trailer on Japanese airwaves, comically funny!

Nintendo Revolution Ad Pic 2
Nintendo Revolution Ad Pic 3
Nintendo Revolution Ad Pic 4

You can read more of this advertisement on a video game blog, videogames.3yen.com here & download the video from the page. Alternatively, you can download the video here Sorry on the broken direct video link, the site does not support hot-linking, please visit video games.3yen.com to download it direct from their page (Thanks GamerZ!)



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