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1 Cockroach = 2 Free Dishes

Breeks at habour front

Well, thats the case this evening at the Breeks cafe, HabourFront. I ordered my usual double servings of fish & chips + baked rice while dad got his chicken thigh set, Sheena with her baked pasta & mum with her chicken baked rice. Everyone was happily eating when I started on my 2nd serving – baked rice after my finishing my fish & chips… So after going thru like, one third into the 2nd dish, I was rather amusingly greeted by a well baked baby cockroach sandwiched & perfectly moulded into the rice… Well as the saying goes: whats worst than seeing a worm in your apple? – a half bitten worm of course! Thank goodness it wasn’t the latter!

We reflected the bug to the staff, where I guess an autopsy was conduct in the kitchen thereafter. The manager was very traumatised by the the matter, he came to our table & kept explaining all things from kitchen management, how it possibly went in, their monthly extermination with pestbusters, etc. I guess the issue was quite controversial with the staff & such, as they were like, you know, kinda “scared” as they approach our table thereafter, fearing that we might bite their heads off with a complain to the environment ministry… haha just say they were very apologetic… & they approached us in a rather professional manner, which is a good thing I guess.

Personal, I am one who grew up with creepy crawlys, not only kept them as pets before but ate crickets & bugs overseas too, so no big deal. Usually I the kind ok with an occasional hair or so in a bowl of soup, with the except of flies & I guess lizards of course, being potent bateria taxis. In all, we had 6 dishes, but we only paid for 4, so thats 2 on the house plus an additional ice cream set for dessert- on the house. Luckily I was sharp, then mum mentioned that, I was infact rather sharp in eating my food, stating that if there were ever a roach in her food, she won’t know, as she would have eaten it already!

On our way back home we came to conclusion in a rather comical manner, saying that “the cockroach which sacrificed itself for a baking demise actually did it for quite a “good cause” – for our pockets that is, saved about $21 in all. Now jus hope I don’t make frequent trips to the toilet soon…

I got myself a 65cm gym ball at the habour front Aibi store! whee! bounces, bounces, bounces…

Oh yea & to all those still running the 168km all-around-singapore, all the best, I salute you.


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