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Busy busy!

If I am not wrong, Initial-D opens today islandwide, you definitely can’t miss it with the trailers running on loops on TV mobile, sure bores anyone to death on the bus. But I haven’t caught Batman begins yet!

Busy busy busy, though mid-week (or kinda) I guess the highlight of this week is struggling with some indigestion from the buffet last weekend… strange never had this indigestion feeling before, maybe the food there is bad or something.. yuck! Even during training, I can feel my stomach growling at almost every other step on my runs… Mmmm gassy! Not to mention releasing enough methane gas over the past few days to sustain maybe a small BBQ or sort. Its just whoa… long! ahem… for the record dudes! But otherwise to the benefit of others, its amazingly, odorless.

Dad & Sheena kinda got some stomach discomfort too or sort, so its official that the bug was caught from a dinner we had together or sort, with all possibilities pointing towards garden hotel’s buffet. Mum was rather helpful at recommending indigestion tablets for us to try on top of charcoal & whatsoever “diarrhea” medication. Being a rather solid veteran with indigestion tables herself, she always up promoting its effectiveness. Then she would go on hagging about intestine problems, vitagen & IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in Singapore, stuffs I think, she read up recently from the latest issue of Straits Time- Mind Your Body. Despite this, my other personal feat for the week is that of catching up & going for makeup lessons I’ve missed last week at school, while I am on leave for ORD clearance at camp. Feels suxxy getting up earlier than the rest, to slave additional hours in the lab before lectures or tutorials…

I’ve got homework to do!! argh!! time, precious must not argh! wasste… Personally sundays are actually my untouchable days, otherwise a “family day”. A day spent relaxing by the pool, clocking my new competitive swim time & to catch up with unfinished work if needed or just relax on lazy afternoon in time for the work day tomorrow…

Line up of activities for the week:

  • Friday: Meetup, dinner & movie (maybe batman returns) with cous gordon, sure friday.. ok, subs on for dinner then. Eat fresh!
  • Saturday: Track & Field gathering at Sentosa, so its maybe lunch with mum & gang, then poof! to Sentosa for the afternoon, hope it would be sunny! whee Beach Volley! Frisbee! Kayaking!
  • Sunday: (TBC) Dom wanted to watch Initial-D, then maybe lunch/dinner thereafter so I guess sunday may be free for it, furthermore I still own him money for cine tiks from the last meet, so hes more of less up my neck on this. This one would be free for him, ahem I mean on me!

Looking back, I didn’t say it won’t be fun, but it is packed! Busy busy busy…


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