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Got Holiday?

Today is the day where my parents are flying off for their intended break/holiday with grans. They would be away for 5 days & back early Thursday morning. With that, its only sis & me in the house, duh! Not to mention, having to do house chores & stuffs… grrr especially looking after dad’s plant collection! huhuh, well at least I have his car all to myself now… hehehe. Cousin Gordon, accompanied with his mum arrived at our house in their “boggie van” to give us & particularly the luggage a lift to the airport. Good thing they have a van though, so its like a large space for even 8 people seated comfortably even with gran’s 3 giant luggage cases at the back!

We all chilled out @ a kopitiam cafe in the airport, (contrary to Starbucks to suit Granny’s taste) after checking the bulk luggage in at the departure counter. We had a hearty talk, coupled with either the standard coffee, tea & dim sum before its time to start departure. (Partly because mum couldn’t get enough of duty free goods, she just have to get in the departures early to shop!)

Business granny on the mobile
Executive business granny on the mobile…
Excited Mum & Dad
Excited Mum & Dad.
Off to the departures...
Off to the departures!

Now if only granny know how to use Skype, then our international calling costs would definitely be so much lower!

Checkin the departures

Cous Gordon’s family invited us to dinner at their house thereafter where hung out for the rest of the day. Re-knowned is his mum’s fabulous cooking which I’ve always missed & loved since primary school. & she had a 6 course meal to prove it! With that, got to know that Gordon actualy re-signed from his previous job at Microsoft, as he felt the job offered no career advancement opportunities & is looking into the customer/public relations industry for his next job.

The Funny thing is that though this is a holiday short trip my parents are having, this sudden sub-led of “freedom” is kinda interesting. Though independent living is not new to me, considering that I actually did easily spend like 5-6 days to even weeks in a row away from home when I was in the army. This felt different though, kinda unreal.

Update: Just got an sms update from mum that they’ve arrived at their destination safety. Wish them all the best in enjoyment & safety in their trip!

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