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Geoff’s visit from Melbourne

Dinner at Swensens

Geoff’s back in Melbourne now, on a flight last Tuesday. But I didn’t actually found time to update (because of tests & such) on the gathering last Saturday:

Its the time of the year again when my old classmate Geoffery come through thousands of kilometers back to Singapore to meet up & catch up on time as old JC classmates. The old 5 musketeers of St Andrews. The day started with an invitation, the usual gang, Shup, Yingxian, Zongjie & me to Geoff’s pad in celebration of his niece’s 1st month birthday. & everyone’s invited. A mini buffet was held at the corridor together with lots of fast food (which I could never consume due to my sore throat & cough) . We ended up booking tickets for Harry Potter through Geoff’s home only to find out how slow & disorganised Golden Village online bookings can be if we were to add additional seats at the last minute. With that saw a change in plans & a cancellation of the reservation at merchant court (our intended place for dinner). Which is too a good thing as it was expensive anyway! In place was the movie & dinner at Marina Square Swensens thereafter.

& man! did Marina Square change alot. But any old timer to the place will instinctively know that its actually still built on the old floor layout, with some minor touch ups, openings & coverings here & there, & did I mention the air-conditioning is like super-new? & brrrr cold too? We had a good chat, not only at dinner but amazingly at the end of everything when we even found a nice camping spot to talk on standing for like 30mins or so before calling it a day due to “last buses” (it was late anyway!). Till then through next year, we will meet again.


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