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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Chill out

Chillout at breko

With our own private transport, very much spent the last night on a search of the up & coming delsey chill-out area, just around the outskirts of town near the Botanical gardens. The place was actually an old CMPB administrative army camp, with most of its land area, transformed, including its parade square into a few pub & cafe establishments. A very isolated area, but otherwise a good secret place to chill out for a cup of coffee, beer or wine, you name it. The late night was spent past Orchard which was too crowded for the night & finally found our way to Holland Village, where we further chilled out with Sheena at Brekos till late.

Did some site maintenance for the day, at the same time checked out the site statistics for the month of November: 12665 unique visitors & 879040 hits for the month of November, averaging 29301 hits a day. Judging from the numbers, I can conclude most of my visitors are return visitors.

Went on to check out one of the very very long lost pages of the site – the long forgotten guestbook. It a simple script I got up early this year, but have not actually found time to customise it. To my astonishment, it has grown with 1700 guestbook entries! oh man, actually I thought it was spam or so, but after going thru a few pages, every post is uniquely interesting to read. Man do I really love to read guestbook entries as I do enjoy receiving christmas cards at this time of the year… (Thanks all!) Man I do really have to find some time going through all of them!

sux is the brew of the day

Monday tomorrow.. darn!
Would be driving to school tomorrow.. early for breakfast that is.. class starts at 8am so I guess an early breakfast with coffee at foodcourt 4 is a good way to start the day. There will be materials test tomorrow afternoon, after lunch… duh thats when all our energy be devoted to the stomach & not the brain… “aka the zombie hour” thats gonna be bad… bad… oh well wish me luck for the test then.

😉 My horoscope calls for a social meeting or so coming soon. Where someone will open up on their social life.. Mmm interesting….

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